26-Year-Old Married Man Caught Sleeping With 72-Year-Old-Woman

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26-Year-Old Married Man Caught Sleeping With 72-Year-Old-Woman

A woman has caught her 26-year-old husband in bed with his 72-year-old lover at a Premier Inn hotel.

Metro UK reports that the 24-year-old woman from Birmingham hired private detectives after becoming suspicious about her husband’s absence from their home.

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It was gathered that agents from Carter Harris Group Investigation tracked down the unlikely couple and presented the client with video evidence.

The wife, who sought anonymity, said:

“I just don’t believe it. I put guilt on myself. I could not understand what I was hearing and seeing. When I viewed the video footage and saw who the other woman was, well, it was just a total fog of disbelief. This older woman should have known better.”

She added:

“He was distant all of a sudden. He wasn’t around. Do these ‘death adverts’ banned from London Underground go too far? ‘There was little conversation and he started to disappear. He said he was having to stay late and travel away for work.”

Her husband’s fling with the pensioner was not the only discovery the investigators made.

The wife continued: “They uncovered that he’d registered with several dating websites. ‘What I was hearing reported back just didn’t seem to match the man I knew and loved.”

On his part, Daniel Shaw, a senior detective with Carter Harris, said:

“She suspected her husband was cheating on her and wanted to find out once and for all. It didn’t take us long to catch her husband out, and once we did, the details came as quite a shock.”

“It’s the physical signs that are the most obvious to watch out for. Changes in dress, coming home later and later. Taking their phone everywhere with them, leaving it face down… These are all warning signs – and the phone can be the key that reveals everything. There are lots of ways that people get caught out – and they do get caught out.”

The wife, who is yet to file for divorce, said: ‘It’s a difficult time at the moment, but it can be great to get rid of somebody so toxic in your life.’



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