You’ve Probably Been Making Punch The Wrong Way All Your Life, Here Are Five Tips To Help You Get It Right

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Making a punch is supposed to be the easiest thing to do. Most of us think we simply have to pop a couple of bottles, squeeze a couple lemons, add something sweet, and finish it off with some bubbly wine. Despite the fact that the process of making it seems simple, there are plenty of ways it can go wrong.

To be sure you never waste a whole lot of booze on bad punch again, here are a few professional tips to help make your life easier.

Balance Out Your Ingredients
this mistake is the most common. Know that your punches classically are going to be based on a sour (lemon or lime), sweetener and base spirit.

There are a few ratios you can use but the classic proportion of two parts base spirit, one part sour and one part sweet is most ideal. From there you can get creative with flavours.

Try It Out on a Single Cocktail
Instead of emptying full bottles before testing your punch, you can make a cocktail-sized version first to test the taste. By doing this, you can adjust the flavour balance on a smaller scale before expanding the ratios.

Cut Down The Sugary Mixers
People are often either afraid of sugar or add to much sweeteners or fillers. An ideal pinch should have booze and be sweet enough for the palate. As such, avoid sour mix, high-fructose corn syrup and soft drinks. Quality is everything.

Don’t Mix Clashing Flavours
Certain flavours won’t work with certain spirits. For instance, Bourbon, may not work with floral mixers. Any flavour pairing guide can help you.

Consider the Size of Your Ice
The larger the pieces of ice, the less melt you will have. Crushed ice will melt pretty fast because of all of the exposed surface area. If you can, freeze a large block of ice in a bowl, and use that to chill the punch.



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