The Right Type Of Alcohol To Drink After Every Meal Explained

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Alcohol after a meal has been said to be beneficial but what should you drink after eating more than you should have? When it comes to food and alcohol, there are drinks you should reach for and drinks you should avoid.

Should You Drink Before or After a Meal?

Which is best? An aperitif or a digestif? The answer to this usually depends on the type of alcohol you enjoy. If you are a beer fan, it won’t exactly be convenient for you to eat as much food as humanly possible because the bubbles in beer and stomach space are not friends.

Carbonated beverages will catch up with you after a while too. Hard tea however has the same amount of alcohol as a light beer but none of the bubbles, and this makes it an ideal candidate.

If you have a large meal day such as an eating challenge day or just a day of overeating, digestifs are preferable to aperitifs. It is best to save your alcoholic beverages for after the fact.

A lot of the challenges you will face will be at bars or restaurants with bars, and when you have friends who will often buy you a drink.

If you are someone who regularly and purposefully overeats, moderation is key. It is important you take good care of your body. You don’t want to put too much into your system outside of what the challenge is.

How to Drink Digestifs and Aperitifs
Digestifs and aperitifs are designed to be sipped, not shot, because good digestifs take time to make, “land they deserve the respect of sipping on it.

A digestif is supposed to slow you down at the end of a meal and help you digest. An aperitif is supposed to lead you into your meal.

What to Drink After Eating Pizza
A rocks glass full of Fernet-Branca at the end of a pizza meal is the best. his shift as he closed the bar. After eating a bunch of pizza, you can also.opt for an amaro every time.

What to Drink with Spicy Food
Spice, tequila and food all belong together, whether that means spicing up a Margarita or adding kick to a Paloma. A spicy drink and a spicy meal go together.

You can go full spice, just really double down on it. There is some sort of euphoria or buzz you get when you put spicy food into your system. So when it comes to spicy food, go ahead and have that Jalepeño Margarita alongside it.



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