The First Four Facial Features People Notice When They Meet You The First Time

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The saying; first impressions are everything is an undisputed fact simply because your facial features and overall appearance can determine how far your relationship will go when you meet a person the first time.

According to psychologists, in those first moments of meeting someone new, chances are you and the person standing in front of you are you’ll both be scoping out the same four key facial features. For instance, you will most likely assess how much they look like a baby.

Judge Not With First Appearance
While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, then truth is we all can’t help but do it.

And not to put pressure on you or anything, but first impressions are actually very important and they tend to really stick with people, most especially if those impressions are less than appealing.

When people decide in less than a second of meeting someone if they’re trustworthy or not, it is important you make that split second count. Despite all of this, humans aren’t very good at making quick, initial judgments about people.

However, by putting your best face forward, you are telling the world that you understand what parts of your face are actually being judged so quickly. If you are ever in doubt, just smile.

What Are The Facts?
According to psychologist Leslie Zebrowitz of Brandeis University, humans tend to judge a person by reading four facial cues. Her research, published in Current Direction in Psychological Science in June 2017, list these four features as the first things people notice.

Emotional resemblance. As humans we are pretty good at reading emotional expressions in the face, so we’re going to pick those up immediately when we try to judge someone.

For instance, low eyebrows will make someone appear angry. An up-turned mouth will make someone seem happy, regardless of how they really feel.

Babyfaceness. People with “baby faces” will have large eyes, short chins, round faces, and large foreheads. Seeing a more baby-like face could make us treat that person more kindly, given our evolutionary soft-spot for young people.

Familiarity. People like what’s familiar. As such, seeing a familiar face is preferred. Do you doubt this? This experience even happens for babies.

Fitness. There is a general understanding about what features we find attractive in a face, and that is that healthy people look attractive. The moment we see a healthy, fit-looking face, we instantly see someone who’s likable, intelligent, and capable.



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