The Common Reasons People Skip Workouts And How To Beat Them

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For a growing number of people, exercise is a passion that they make time for every day but sometimes, a lot of us skip workouts for a variety of reasons.

Getting and staying fit has become a lifestyle habit for millions of people as evident from social media posts and the growth of group exercise classes. However, not everyone Even so, looks forward to sweaty workouts in the gym.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people are inconsistent with their workouts. It turns out that people have a number of legitimate excuses that keep them from the gym, along with quite a few lame explanations.

The good news is we’ve got a solution for every single one of them, whether it’s low confidence or intimidation.

How confident a person feels in the gym is one of the biggest indicators of whether a person will stop missing their workouts. This makes sense especially if you consider the fact that no one likes feeling uncomfortable or inadequate.

The solution to this is to get educated. What would make you confident in the gym directly pertains to a lack of knowledge about exercise and the gym. If you have no idea what an equipment does, ask.

Most gyms have trainers and front desk staff that can give you a quick run-down. Never feel silly for asking. Also, focus on the basics—the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press are building block moves to start with, using low weights.

You don’t have to get fancy to get a great workout in when you’re just starting out. All you need do is to workout!

The Routines Are too hard!
Another reason a lot of people skip workouts is the difficulty of the exercise. Martial arts and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is at the top of the list of the workouts people skipped because they thought it would be too hard.

The solution to this is to find an alternative. If the workout you’re doing is so hard that you can’t finish it, you’re either doing it wrong or you should find a different way to sweat.

If you’re doing a martial arts workout that includes burpees, start with some form of pushups instead. Use your heart rate to gauge your effort for your HIIT intervals instead of trying to keep up with other people, who might have more experience with the form.

If you find out that a workout feels tough because you hate it, you may want to find something else to do entirely. Working out should be challenging, but it should be far from the worst part of your day.

There are a lot of great exercises out there, so don’t waste your time doing something you hate. Try out different types until you find something that you actually enjoy.

The Excuses
People tend to blame everything from their socks to the weather as reasons why they skipped workout. Really? Do we even have to say anything? We will anyway.

If you’re keen about solving this problem, it is important you figure out why you bring them up in the first place. Excuses are like belly buttons—everyone’s got one.

There’s usually a very simple solution for every single damn excuse out there. For instance, No time? Try a 10-minute workout. No gym? There are all sorts of bodyweight workouts. Hate cardio? Almost everyone hates cardio, get over it.

If you constantly make excuses to skip workouts, you probably don’t have a good reason for going to the gym. Take some time to sit down and figure out what exactly your goals are. Write them down and remember them every single time you come up with those lame excuses.



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