The Best And Worst Lifting Shoes For Your Workouts

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Lifting shoes are some of the most important parts of workouts and a lot of bodybuilder’s know this. They are so, because they are specifically designed with a lifter in mind.

You may have thought that lifting shoes are not necessary, thinking they don’t make much of a difference but if you do a bit of research, you will understand the benefits inherent in wearing them. A huge benefit is the ability to activate more muscle and recruit more fibers.

These shoes allow you to push through the floor much easier, which will allow you to produce more force during a lift. When you work out, especially during leg exercises you have to be driving through the heels. It is very hard to drive force through the heel in running shoes.

The sole does not support that. Lifting shoes can help you to feel sturdier during heavy squats, deadlifts and any other free compound lift. These shoes were not designed to be worn during cardio or for machine work.

The big question now is Hard sole, flat thin shoe, wrestling shoes or barefoot, which are ideal for lifting weights?

Nike Paleos
This is likely the best when it comes to support and comfort. They have got a hard sole which is ideal for anyone who trains with mostly free weights. They are also the most fashionable, as they come in a variety of colours and designs.

Adidas adiPower
These shoes also have a hard sole and come in a variety of colours. However they are lower to the ground. The heel is shorter but both still has the ability to provide comfort, while also allowing you to generate the force you need.

Converse All-Stars
The converse is cheap, simple and effective. These shoes get the job done and come in a variety of colours. They are very light and versatile; can be used during the whole workout as opposed to some options that should only be worn during big compound movements.

The Worst Lifting Shoes

Nike Free Runs
This shoe is designed to allow for a more comfortable run. It comes with plenty of cushion for the impact of running. The problem with it however, is that this shoe will cause uneven pressure when you try to push through your heels. The flexible bottom will allow your foot to wiggle, which will cause you to lose stability.

Air Jordans
As lovely as these sneakers are, they were designed for playing basketball. Just like the Nike free runs, these shoes won’t allow you to generate as much force as you could with a squat shoe.

Barefoot Shoes
A lot of people use these for lifting. These shoes will actually allow you to generate the amount of force you need, problem is these shoes have no protection for your feet.

If you happen to mistakenly drop a weight plate, there is no padding to absorb some of the impact. You can cause severe damage to your foot in the event of an accident.

Believe it or not, what you put on your feet can improve our performance. There are shoes for almost every sport. Most shoes are sports specific; the company designs the shoe around the type of athlete they are marketing too.



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