Some Experts Believe Cheating Could Be Good For Marriage

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Cheating is one thing that has affected a lot of marriages. Some were able to survive it, while others crumbled under its weight. But can cheating be good for marriage?

There is no doubt that infidel has caused a lot of havoc on relationships but there is a side that hasn’t been seen much and that is the blossoming of new love and understanding between partners after the discovery of an affair.

This puts to question the fact that cheating may not be totally negative to relationships as initially thought. As such, it is best to have a nuanced perspective on infidelity; one that deliberately eschews labels and generalizations.

The simple truth is that some good may come out of the crisis of infidelity, but it is not recommended. There is however a paradoxical regrowth of affection and intimacy that often happens after someone is caught straying.

The regrowth is basically a reevaluation of what happened, from how they became estranged from each other, lose their connection or even become so numb to each other. More so, the galvanizing of the fear of losing everything that they have built sometimes brings people back face-to-face, with a level of intensity that they have failed to experience in a long time.

In the aftermath of the revelation of an affair, some people stand to have a level of depth and honesty and openness in their conversations with each other that they haven’t had in years. As well as a reconnecting of an erotic intimacy with each other that also had gone flat.

Perhaps, it has to do with the fear of loss, which makes them take action about what they really want to hold onto.

In other words, the process of recovery in the wake of infidelity can be just the jolt a relationship needs. With that been said, no one should wish the devastation and emotional exhaustion that accompanies this process on themselves, or on anyone else.

Furthermore, some experts believe that infidelity can help you move the affair off center stage and get to the underlying issues. The couple may learn that the person who strays was lonely and they may later discover that they don’t want the marriage to end.

Here again, the effects of infidelity can transform a marriage in a positive way, bringing couples closer than they’ve been in years. But that doesn’t negate the trauma they cause.

The post-affair recovery process can be a gruelling one. A lot of people are going to have two or three relationships in their adult life or marriages. Some people will get to do it with the same person. Sometimes however, an affair means the end of the first marriage with each other and perhaps the beginning of a second one, with each other.



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