Religion Is The Problem, Christians Are Their Own Worst Enemies

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Christians Are Idol Worshippers (1), By Femi Aribisala

Religion Is The Problem, Christians Are Their Own Worst Enemies – McKay Chukwu

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When you look at The Nigerian Christian Association, CAN, they seem to be operating like a political system. There are Leaders and member of the clergy who are untouchable, with striking resemblance to our almighty politicial elites, there are denominations (political parties), then there are followers who support based on whose miracle performing skills they find superior.

This piece was written by McKay Chukwu. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Of course, the point about religion has always been about threats of repercussions to your actions and inactions. Without these threats, no one will give a toss about anything. The threats come first – which serve for the sole benefit of the clergies – the miracles follow, which the teaming followers hope they’d be rewarded with. Everyone surely thinks they have something to gain until you are killed by either side of the angry mobs.

Recall that in 2001, about 1000 lives were lost and 50,000 homes displaced to religious hate and crisis. 17 years later nothing has changed, CAN still finds time to visit Aso Rock to endorse and fight over some greek gifts.

Both religions in this conflict hate each other, are we going to pretend about it? But I find it bizarre that grown men and women who sheepishly follow these dogmas don’t consider it necessary to ask the leadership to use common sense in explaining, “why the hate?”

But the law says, don’t add and do not remove, another law designed for the sole benefit of these clergies, again! You have to be kidding me.

Christians always cry foul, understandably so, they always absorb the most hit.

In last week’s crisis that rocked 3 LGAs in plateau, scores killed were reported to be 90% Christians, my sincere condolences to the families of the dead. These words, “condolences” “Sympathize” “Prayers” and “thoughts” have been the most widely used words in Nigeria in recent years.

I’m sure people have drafts filled with words like those and you can’t blame them, sooner or later they would be needing them.

Nigerian Christians, a.k.a always the worst hit, when will you learn? This one’s for the followers, why do you think the president will listen to you if your leaders don’t grab the bull by the horn? Your untouchable and unquestionable men of God don’t care, they only care about your money.

The trend of defending men of God in Nigeria is on an all-time high. Followers defend them with everything they’ve got, claiming the body of Christ is under attack only when the clergies come under scrutiny. There you go, now is when your Christ’s body is actually under attack, his believers are being killed, ask your leaders about  plans to protect you, they won’t be hit, they live in palaces and mansions, you don’t, you’d die before it gets to them.

A lady who curses Fulani herdsmen on a daily, claims there’s a plan to wipe out Christians and Islamize the country was caught invoking the wrath of God on someone who questioned the silence of Rev Fr. Mbaka in the spate herdsmen killings,- “don’t speak about a man of God or the wrath of God will descend on you” -if this isn’t confusion in the highest order, tell me what is.

Mbaka, you’d recall famously (or infamously, the choice is yours) announced a Messiah was coming in Muhammadu Buhari. The prophecy has appeared to be false and the Lady is in favour of anything but judge the priest.

Social media was awash last week when a trailer fell off Ojuelegba bridge, killing scores, people accused Ambode of being insensitive, rightly so, considering the accident was a case of reoccurrence.

But if a certain TB Joshua failed to foresee his own building would collapse – which is “insensitivity” for a man that predicted every plane Crash in the world – same people who crucify the government would glorify him, making up all kinds of excuses for him.

Listen, you should be ashamed of yourselves, you are not different from those paid by polictians to defend the indefensible, only that in your case, YOU PAY to defend them instead.

I wrote a piece on “Why No one should blame Mbaka in 2016”, I will look for it and update. I still maintain Mbaka is not the problem, he didn’t install Buhari, No one actually voted by Mbaka’s prophecy. I remember how Jonathan swept Enugu polls in 2015, not sure Buhari polled up to 1000 votes. In the south east Jonathan had a tsunami victory, it was unprecedented. Mbaka barely influenced anything but there was a prophecy and i bet he didn’t see herdsmen coming, the reason why he should be questioned and none of them should be above questioning.

Christians, looking for your worst enemies? Look in the mirror, you are a laughing stock – your leaders have failed

You can’t question political leaders and in the same breath absolve your spiritual leaders, that’s hypocrisy. If they can’t do anything to help, then they are not worth following.

McKay Chukwu, Veteran Broadcaster and a writer.

@big_mck on twitter/instagram

This piece was written by McKay Chukwu. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of



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