R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Sobs As She Breaks Silence On Years Of Alleged Abuse (VIDEO)

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R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly has broken her silence for the first time in nearly a decade about the alleged abuse she experienced during their 13-year marriage.

The dancer/choreographer who was married to Kelly from 1996-2009, is the mother of his three children.

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She had been quiet on the allegations that Kelly has been keeping a group of young women in what has been deemed a “sex cult” for several years, reportedly controlling their movements, access to the outside world and even their bathroom habits.

But on Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Syleena Johnson on TV One’s daytime talk show Sister Circle, Andrea opened up about her faith and how it helped her through some of the darkest times.

Andrea Kelly
Andrea Kelly

Through tears, she said she finally decided to leave R. Kelly after she contemplated suicide.

“That day, I just remember playing sick all day,” Andrea Kelly said. “I went and got in the bed, and I was just like, ‘OK, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do’ And something just said, ‘End it.’ That was my first answer.”

“I was not strong enough,” Kelly said of why she’s remained silent for so long.

“How can I be a voice for the voiceless when I don’t even have my own? So, I had to wait until God said, ‘Okay, daughter. It’s time.’”

Kelly also described going out onto her hotel balcony and climbing up onto the ledge before she realized suicide was not the answer. She said the thought of her children, who she shares with the R&B singer, reminded her she needed to live. 

“I remember looking down, and it’s almost like God was able to let me see the future,” she said. “I saw my body lying in blood, and I saw the ambulance coming. I saw housekeeping come out, and they were pointing up, and they said, ‘She jumped from up there.’ Then, I remember my baby’s voice in the back going, ‘Mama, mama… why did mama jump? Why did mama leave us?’”

“I said ‘OK God, you have to give me an answer today,’” she continued. “‘What do you want me to do if this is not for me, and you want me to leave? What do you want me to do? God I need an answer today. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, I need it now.’”

“My truth is, Robert, you don’t get to tell my story. That is my truth. You should have never put me in your book,” she said, addressing claims the singer made about her in his 2013 memoir Soulacoaster.

“And if you’re going to put me in your book, then you’re going to tell the truth in the book. You don’t get to tell people that we got divorced because I had a problem with being a stay-at-home mom. We got divorced because I was no longer going to sit and be violated. What he did to me was criminal.” 

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