Nine Words Every Alcohol Lover Should Know

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Perhaps you are new to the world of spirits or maybe you’ve been dabbling for a while, there are a number of words that you should be familiar with as a lover of alcohol. Knowing the right terminology can separate the rookies from the masters, especially if you plan to actually get behind a bar.

As such, we have helped you compile a list of advanced alcohol drinking terms that will really up your booze credibility.

Angel’s Share
This is a term whiskey lovers should be familiar with. The angel’s share is the amount of liquid that evaporates while a whiskey ages in a barrel.

It’s usually around two percent per barrel, but can be up to ten percent based on the amount of time aged, the weather and various other factors. The wood actually absorbs a lot of the unpleasant aspects of distillate such as sulphur.

An aperitif is meant to stimulate the appetite and is traditionally a bitter drink like the Aperol Spritz.

Despite the fact that bitters may only make up a dash or two of your cocktail, they are essential when making everything from classics to modern mixology concoctions.

Mixtures vary, and consist of a neutral spirit infused with herbs, spices and botanicals.

While you may not know it, you can actually overshake your cocktails! You can know this the moment your drink gets cloudy- a good indicator that you’ve bruised your cocktail.

Congeners are what’s produced during fermentation of a spirit, aside from the spirit itself. These byproducts give the spirit their flavour, but they’re also probably why you have a major hangover after you consume whiskey.

Digestif is the opposite of an aperitif. It is usually what you drink after a meal to aid digestion. Classic digestifs include brandy and fortified wine.

When this term is used to describe a martini, it means it has little to no vermouth.

Lightening is used to describe moonshine. This is a whiskey that’s unrefined and comes straight out of the still. Lightning, also known as white dog, is a clear spirit due to the absence of barrel aging.

A rinse is a small amount of liquid used to coat the inside of the glass for added flavour.



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