Movie Review: Rule Number 1

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Movie Review: Rule Number 1

Movie Review: Rule Number 1

For the sake of quality, I started writing in the cinema hall. It is amazing how much one can get done during those wait time we often ignore; Inside danfo, on a queue, toilet, over a meal, at the back of your car seat, inside holdup (peculiar to Lagos).


There are quite a number of Nigerian movies in the cinema in this season and even more to come. Last weekend, I saw Rule Number 1. Released in the cinema on Friday 1st of June, Rule Number 1 is definitely an enjoyable one. Contrary to what I expected, the movie hall was scanty on a Sunday evening, 2 days after its release.

Rule No 1 is a 5-man act produced by AfurobiOluchi of Mogson- a Nigerian based movie production/rental firm and directed by Lyndsey Efejeku. The 1hr45min movie documents the life of two mid-age, single ladies; Tega and Stephanie played by Chinonso Young and Keira Hewatch respectively. You might remember them from Lekki housewives as Cleopatra and Peace.

Tega and Steph are childhood friends living together in their state of the heart apartment in a suburb of Lagos. Each with her uniqueness, going about life differently.

Steph, a carefree, bubbly, works as customer rep at a bank. Tega, a nerd, reclusive, indoorsy, computer engineer.

The two ladies lived an opposite life, peacefully, except for occasional yogurt fight, Tamuno- played by Bucci Franklin came along and they both had to deal with a fight that shook the foundation of their friendship.

The movie opened and saw Tega occupied on her computer while Steph dragged her tired self home from one of her overnight escapades. Well, not alone, with takeout and gist of course.  Seriously, movie producers should find another way to depict geeks and nerds besides backpack and glasses. I mean is that all about them? Tega, Steph’s roommate and best friend seems cool with her ways, the only person Steph’s life bothers is their nosey old unmarried neighbour – Mrs. Banke oh sorry Miss Banke.

The movie might have painted a negative picture on the role Steph played in the movie – Bank’s customer Rep. Her job guarantees meeting people in different social status, however, took this a notch to in the most unprofessional way. Is her role a flashlight on the life of Customer reps? Is it safe to generalize and conclude?

Movie cast now take advert unto a whole new level these days. While I was chilling with my friend the previous day, a tall guy approached us with fliers in hand asking us to go watch the movie under discourse. What will I see when I came to watch the movie, bam, he is the lead role and he’s out there canvassing for his work!?

Moving on, Steph and Tamuno met at what appears to be eatery. Apparently, the duo have met previously and Steph refused to give her contact. Fully bearded, smooth, “Jidenna look alike”, Tamuno is every bit a Fine wine (if you know what I mean). He is determined to woo her this time. The session didn’t take long as next 30 sec saw Steph retouching her makeup ready to leave.

Stephanie was told as a wild lady who doesn’t want to settle for a relationship and wouldn’t mind waltzing from end to another. While there are many of this “confirmed bachelorette” out there, Steph came off too easy. All she wants was to “have fun” while she can. She wouldn’t take money, ready to mingle with anyone, she is not ready to settle, I was confused, Tamuno who just slept with her was confused too. Sis, pick a side *rolls eye*

In equally same location separated by time zone, Tamuno was begging his way into getting Tega’s contact. The night fought its way into the heart of the most indoorsy Tega who might have found a lover. Events played on the duo and by the end of the night, they both tripping. Like they both been waiting for that day, they immediately connected. The kind of connection you see in the first phase of a relationship. Where things just play out naturally and you a find yourself talking long with someone you just met

Too easy and predictable I would say. The way the connection was ignited like it has always been there.

Tamuno is seeing 2 friends at the same time wow, men are scum. *Crys*.

I love how they naturally styled Tega. The costumes were not only selected carefully, they were also well matched and I find the movie production A-game.

My best scene was when Tega and Tamuno sat together overlooking Eko bridge. Such a perfect scenery watching the views. The city was quiet and it was easy at that time to melt into the hand of your lover. For a moment there, I forgot something was wrong.

The girls showed me how to pass remote in the house effortlessly. Just fit it between your toe and stretch your leg. You might not want to try that with an African dad or mum. lol

Tamuno stays alone in a fine house moving calculatedly around the house throughout the movie.  Acclaimed son of a rich man living in a near-empty house, saved by a cold housekeeper. That I find too vain. There seemed to be no interaction outside the 2 girls he juggles. It didn’t own the place the way I would have expected.

I don’t get why Tamuno asks if he can kiss Tega whenever they are together. Probably Tega’s shyness?

Guys, what do you say to someone who says she hasn’t had sex before… Definitely not congratulations like Tamuno did lol.

Tega is a virgin. She hasn’t done this before. Steph gave Tega sex talk while she stares in disbelief, this is a grown as woman o.

Once you have a bite of it, baby girl, you going to want to come back. Rainy day, Tega finds herself going to Tamuno’s. He nervous too. She just wants to get it over with. Well, slow music, red bra, kisses, dark room muscles contrasting.

Here is how the concluding part of the movie went, the two girls found out they’ve been screwing the same Tamuno. They were pained briefly. Instead of diverting their hurt appropriately, they are more concerned about why he be dating the two of them.

The concluding scenes of rule no 1 I find rather too tacky and here is why. After the two girls found out they have been seeing the same guy, they invited him over. I was expecting a lot of emotions instead they chose to play around it. It made me think, hey, these girls are not serious either. At some point, they shift focus to who is superior and fit to be dated by Tamuno? A guy has been screwing you two and what you are bothered about is class comparison!?

If anyone felt the hurt, it was Tega.

Tega was more pained. She didn’t see it coming. She crying. She probably going to recoil back into her haven.  Overall, Rule Number 1 is a playful and relaxing movie but not to expect anything artistic. The hard work that was put into it production is evident.

The weekend is just around the corner, do support them.

Don’t forget to share and comment. I love comments. Ciao!

This review was written by Ibukun Samuel. She can be reached via Twitter (vennypoppin)

Film Review: Rule Number 1



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  1. I think that perhaps if they would have made this a full length as opposed to the short, it probably could have been better. It is unique, and has some humorous parts. I especially enjoyed the scene with Trent Gill in a tu-tu throwing whipped cream at his girl friend. He is so funny. It’s worth watching just to see this! And as usual, Danielle Panabaker is great. She (in my opinion) is going to be the next Julia Roberts. She is very talented. So, if you get the chance to check out this short, it is definitely worth your time. Great concept, well done, talented actors, just wish it would have been full length. But, like I said ; check it out for your self. You won’t be disappointed.

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