How To Prepare Your Body For A Full Day Of Alcohol Without Passing Out

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Weddings, naming ceremonies and almost all types of events are times when alcohol is plenty and they make for all-day outdoor or indoor drinking — if you can handle it. Well, you can, if you’re a pro.

Pacing yourself is a nice enough idea, but we all know, a friend, who has had one too many glasses of alcohol and who has devoured lots of food is a recipe for disaster. Perhaps on the lawn or in the bushes.

You however can avoid the embarrassment and still have as much fun as you want if you know what to do without passing out prematurely or getting way too tipsy for comfort.

Getting ready for a long day of drinking takes some preparation. Start the day off eating some carbohydrates that will keep the alcohol from getting too quickly into your bloodstream.

Alcohol is metabolized by the liver and research has shown that blood-alcohol content is influenced by environmental factors like the rate of alcohol drinking, the amount of food in the stomach, and the type of alcohol consumed.

Timing Is Important
First and foremost you have to pace yourself. If you have three or four cocktails before the day even really gets started, there is a high chance that you will pass out very quickly.

It is important you start slow. One drink. Drink it slowly. If you start to feel buzzed, good. If you start to feel really drunk, sit down and stop drinking for a while. Slow and steady wins the race otherwise it’s a race head first to the toilet.

Eat A lot
There is no dieting during an all-day drinking marathon. Eating salads won’t coat your stomach or absorb any alcohol. You need solid carbohydrates. Bread, pizza, pasta. Listen, you’re the one who wanted to drink all day. If you want to feel the buzz, you have to eat the food.

Stop Taking The Shots
Drinking over a period of hours is easier on your body that day and the next day for the hangover, only when you’re not drinking straight liquor. Don’t accept any shots. Stop it.

Have white wine, beer, or cocktails that are lighter on the alcohol. If anyone is screaming “shots shots shots!” in your group, don’t begin drinking till very late.

And when you do, stick to one spirit. So if vodka is your choice, your cocktails should be screwdrivers for breakfast, Bloody Mary for brunch, Moscow Mules, for lunch and a vodka martini for dinner.

Drink Water Too
It is essential you hydrate. The commonly known rule is one glass of water per every alcoholic drink. Just do it. It helps keep the hangover headache away. While also spacing out your alcoholic drinks. Unless you are trying to blackout, and then by all means forget the water and everything else.

Take A Nap
If you’re going to consume alcohol all day, then plan on carrying on that night, it is important you take a nap. Tuck yourself in and snooze off to dreamland for a solid two hours.

Hopefully, by the time you wake, it will sober you up a little so you can start drinking again. If you went down for a nap but woke up in the morning, you surely drank too much.

Don’t Puke
If you throw up, you did it all wrong. You shouldn’t be drinking at all, especially during the day. Get a hold of yourself. Did you do shots? We told you. No shots.

You’re welcome.



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