How To Change The Odour And Stink In Your Car To Something More Pleasant

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A number of things can make the regular car odour you are used to turn around and present a stinky odour that will be less pleasant to you and anyone that steps a foot in your car.

Not to worry, these three tips can help you remove those funky smells.

The first thing to do is to remove all the items from the car. There is a very high chance that you will find the source of the smell from this quick search.

Leaky drinks, lost gym shirts, sweaty running shoes, and leftover food hidden in the seat track, are some of the common culprits of stinky odour in your car. If this happens to be the source of the odour, all you need do is scrub the area with carpet cleaner and blot dry.

If the odour remains sprinkle baking soda on the fabric, and allow it stay a few hours to absorb the smell. Afterwards, vacuum the powder, or repeat if the odour remains.

The vents of your car themselves, may still have lingering odour or mildew, and will continue to fill the cabin with funky air, when the fan is turned on. The same thing applies to the AC condenser as it is a breeding ground of mold, due to the moisture it creates during operation.

Be sure that your car is off. Then take your vent cleaner and spray it in all the vents, including the intake opening on the inside of the car, usually found in the footwells, and the outside fresh air intake, usually located in front of the windshield, under grates, to prevent leaves and junk from entering.

The next thing to do is to start your car and put the AC on full blast, with recirculation on. Then spray both intakes, once again, and let the system run for a few minutes.

Afterwards, turn the AC and recirculation off, but leave the fan on full blast and lower your windows. This will draw in fresh air from the outside and further clean out the system.

If your car has a smoke smell, the primary source of the odour is typically focused on the driver’s side B pillar, the headliner, and the seatbelt itself. So the biggest return on your cleaning effort should start with these areas.

However, scrubbing them with carpet or fabric cleaner will reduce the smoke smell, multiple applications will be needed for the smell to be eradicated.



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