How To Avoid The Tricks Of Car Dealers And Get The Best Value For Money

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Buying a car is something you probably have to do in your lifetime and you should know that it is an involved process that takes weeks or months of research and planning. The process of finding the right car can be frustrating and car users report that one of their top frustrations when buying a car is dealing with car salespeople.

Sales is an art, a science, and some may even describe it as a game. The job of the car dealer is to convince you that a product or service will improve your quality of life, make your daily life easier, save you time or money, or provide you with a set of benefits you cannot get elsewhere.

Car dealers have received a bad reputation over the years. While there are bad car dealers, there are also good ones. However, many of them are trained to coax us into impulse buying and making us spend a little more than we originally planned.

Here are a few tricks and information on how to get the upper hand when buying a car.

Clever wordplay
Many car salespeople use clever word play to persuade you into buying a vehicle. A lot of people have no idea of the make or model they’re going to buy when they arrive at the dealership. They will highlight the car’s best features, painting the car in only the best light.

While you’re at the dealership, don’t be afraid to say no to a salesperson. If you want to look around by yourself, ask if you may do so. Bring along your phone or mobile device and do your own research.

If you see a vehicle that piques your interest, you can go on the Internet and find out the vehicle’s value, specs, and additional details.

Deals That Are Too Good To Be True
If a car dealer offers you a car at a price that sounds too good to be true, it probably is! There maybe hidden cost of repairs, if you’re buying a fairly used car. Be sure to ask insightful questions and look beyond the facade.

Unnecessary upgrades
When you pick out a car, don’t be surprised if the dealer attempts to offer you a few added features. “Are you interested in our extended warranty plan? How about a tire upgrade?”

Those extras can add up to a few thousand. It is best to negotiate fees down, or outright refuse to pay them.

Hiding the vehicle’s history
Unscrupulous used car dealers may engage in title washing, or altering a car’s title to hide that it was previously salvaged. The car can be sold for more than it would be if people realized it was flooded or wrecked.

The vehicle history reports aren’t always perfect, and it can take a while for a car to be rebranded or get a new title after it’s been damaged. For that reason, used car buyers should examine the car closely themselves and even consider an independent inspection.

Open the doors, trunk, hood and look at the bolts that hold them on. When cars haven’t been painted, the bolts will be the same colour as the car and the paint will be very clean.

If the bolts have any sign of wear on them, this is a good indicator the car has had paint work and possibly been in a wreck.



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