Get In Here Bakers! Here Is The Fastest Way To Whip Cream

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Bakers can relate to the problem of whipping cream because of the pain and stress associated with it. However, with a bowl and whisk, you can make as little or as much as you please, and monitor as you go.

There are however some simple rules that can make you achieve your aim in less than an hour and a half to accomplish, and in some cases, 2 minutes!

Use heavy whipping cream.
To Whip your cream in the shortest possible time, it is important that there is a stable foam of the whole mass of cream. The fat globules should be able to hold all the fluid and air together.

In other words, the fattier, the stabler. The minimum fat percentage for whipping is 30. Which is the maximum for light cream (whose minimum is 18). Meanwhile, whipping cream hovers at around 35 percent, and heavy whipping cream, 38. These varieties will whip faster than light cream.

Freeze the bowl.
It is important you freeze the bowl containing the cream as any hint of warmth softens the butterfat skeleton of a cream foam, and liquid fat will collapse the air bubbles.

As such, if you leave your cream on the counter for awhile before whipping, or your bowl is at room temperature, you’re setting your cream (and yourself!) up for failure.

It is recommended by experts that you at least keep the cream in the fridge for at least 12 hours prior to whipping.

You can whip 1 cup of heavy cream with a cage whisk two different times: One in a room-temperature bowl and the other in a 20-minute blast-chilled, frozen bowl.

The difference between heavy whipping cream and heavy cream, is largely minimal. If you remember to put your bowl in the freezer, great. If you don’t, don’t fret. Ultra-cold cream, the right whisk, and a lot of elbow grease will get you the texture you desire.



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