Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With Fats

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When it comes to fat, quite a lot of us think that it is something that we had best avoid at all cost during cooking many people think.

This is however different in reality as studies have shown that there’s no association between dietary fat (total, saturated, mono-unsaturated, or polyunsaturated fat) and prostate cancer.

And while there is a need for more research to be done, the present studies available all concluded that your body has the ability to absorb nutrients from fat and it can help increase your good high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) or good cholesterol.

Despite the facts from these studies, it is still important to keep in mind a number of things when consuming fat. Nutritionists believe that adding fat to your diet can be highly beneficial, especially when done correctly.

Here is how you can correctly add it to your daily diet without fearing for the worst.

Avoid fearing fat.
According to nutritionist experts, it is important that you avoid seeing fat as the enemy and should instead see it as your friend, simply because it doesn’t actually make you fat.

They are important for the proper functioning of everything from your brain to hunger hormones to weight loss. More so, they also help your food taste good.

Use different types of fat.
There is a need for you to be diverse as you incorporate it into your dishes. Switch up your oils for a nutritional boost. Match the oil with the type of food you’re cooking with. For instance, if you’re making Italian, go with olive oil. If you’re going Asian, try coconut oil. The same thing is applicable with avocado, sunflower, and sesame oils.

Never Use Too Much
Have one tablespoon (equivalent of one glug from the bottle) of fat per meal. Nutritionists recommend capping your total fat consumption to 25g per serving. This is however dependent on the source of the fat.



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