Eight Cocktails That Can Never Fail You During A Date

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There are some drinks that can’t fail you and there are serious cocktails that truly impress during a date. While the former won’t steer you wrong, the latter are drinks that can help you impress during those mid-date moments when you need a perfect cocktail to seriously spark some romance.

Here are a number of cocktails that will not only impress your date, but also trigger the romance you desire.

Vieux Carre
Not only can you pronounce this classic mix of Cognac and rye whiskey (you’ve got that fancy French worldly air), but you also know that there is something romantic about French words which your date can’t just resist.

The key ingredients of this cocktail are rye, Cognac and sweet vermouth.

If you love the bitter flavour of Campari, but you’re also conscious of your figure, you may want to take it slow with this low-ABV version of Negroni.

The drink has the ability to give you classic credibility in the drinking world and in your date’s eyes.
The Essentials are Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda.

This doubly spirited Martini is so smooth that after ordering it, you’d probably be watching your date melt into your arms. You can handle a split base of gin and vodka. It basically contains gin, vodka, and cocchi Americano.

Black Manhattan
Opt for a Black Manhattan, which uses amaro in lieu of sweet vermouth. If you have a favourite Italian brand, feel free to call it in the drink for bonus points.

However, be open to the vast knowledge of the bartender has he makes suggestions. You’d most likely be drinking a combination of rye, averna and bitters.

Last Word
This esoteric cocktail will earn you respect from the bartender, who is the greatest ally you have on the date, as their comment can make or break the night.

More so, you can likely introduce your date to something new containing gin, green chartreuse and maraschino liqueur.

The trick to impressing with this choice is to order with confidence, showing you’ll drink what you like and you have no care in the world about the naysayers.

This cocktail is on the rebound from its ugly reputation, and it’s actually a pretty quality cocktail when you get right down to drinking it.

Moreover, nothing brings people together quite like nostalgia for the ‘90s. A combination of citrus vodka, cointreau and cranberry juice will do the magic.

Bourbon Old Fashioned
This Old Fashioned cocktail is traditionally made with rye. The ingredients are basically bourbon, sugar cubes and bitters. Drinks at a bar are meant to be fun, and bourbon is the most easy going whiskey you can go for.

If you’re with a date who prefers wine or beer, you can give them a taste of this mellowed classic and bond over the drink’s sweet, aromatic, friendly nature.

Piña Colada
This is one cocktail you can’t go wrong sharing with when sharing a drink with your date.



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