All The Reasons Why You Should Park Your Car Under A Shade

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There are a million and one good reasons to park your car under a shade in this clime. For one, the weather is hot for most of the year and having a car with leather seats could turn your car to an oven.

Asides the obvious reasons, avoiding scorching dry season heat could save you and your pocketbook a sizable sum. UV rays, scorching temperatures, and lots of outsourced materials don’t always play nicely with one another, and when a car is involved, it typically gets magnified by the power of glass, and the resulting heat gets trapped in an enclosed space.

There are many legitimate arguments out there against the notion of parking a car in direct sunlight. It’s a simple fix that is however not available all the time. More so, since more lands are developed for malls and clear cut trees, the importance of seeking shelter is more important than ever.

Here’s why parking in the shade is always a good idea, regardless of whatever things you may have heard.

Avoid the vapours
Remember the outcry about using plastic bottles that have BPA in them? Turns out there is also a BPA threat in your car’s cabin as well.

For years, the government has failed to stress the dangers of exposure to molten hot plastics, so be sure to always park in the shade.

As the plastics warm, potentially harmful aromas can be released and over time may cause serious damage not only to your car but your health as well.

Burnt Leather Smell
Burnt thighs and rear-ends on leather is one of the worst experiences you can have during the day season.

Do yourself and your nether regions a favour and park your car well out of direct sunlight, because even if you aren’t wearing a short skirt or some kind of hammock, chances are that someone will at some point singe themselves.

Hot Steering Wheel
One good reason to park under a shade is your steering wheel. You don’t want to return to your car and have a wheel that is literally too hot for you to handle.

However, you can always put a towel or an extra T-shirt down in order to drive home. But that leather wrapped steering wheel, on the other hand, becomes a burning ring of fire after so many hours of contact with direct sunlight, so if you want to spare your fingertips, steer clear of open lots and opt for some shade instead.

Car Parts May Break Down
For one, your car paint may seem so faded that people will think you car is decades older than it actually is. Cars that sit out in the elements for long periods of time are prone to all sorts of issues.

While fresh paint that’s blistering and peeling isn’t cheap, neither is realizing that your dash is cracked and all of your seats are faded which could have been avoided by parking under a shade.



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