The Reasons Why You Should Spent Good Money On Your Clothes

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One of the universal truths of life is the fact that “You get what you pay for” and this truth applies much more than we care to admit on our clothes, as the money we spend on them can determine how stylish we look.

While dingers are not equal, which perhaps informs the fact that there are a few different types of men walking the surface of the earth. Some are so rich they don’t have to give a hoot about the cost of anything they own.

Some on the other hand are so poor that they’ll spend one thousand naira on a cheap pair of pants just to have to re-purchase those same pants in three months—and every other three months—because their pants continually rip.

However, some of us understand the value in spending seven thousand naira on one pair of pants that’ll last us well over a year. I fall into this category.

Falling into this category in no way means i am gloating or sitting around and giving internet trolls fodder. On the contrary, i am trying to appeal to other hardworking, budget-conscious men who understand the value of every naira but are yet to learn how that value coincides with quality.

The fact is, a lot of the things we purchase falls under the purview of simple economics. I wear an expensive shoe that is cost effective given the fact that they are manufactured here in Nigeria and because I know that they’ll last me for at least the next decade with some minor repairs.

My shies are invaluable tools to me, so why would I skimp on quality when doing so will only mean I’ll just be spending more money on a new pair of shoes in a couple years, or worse, months?

Show me a two thousand naira pair of jeans that could stand up to the same level of day-in-and-day-out abuse I put my thick-cut selvedge denim that cost ten thousand naira through and I’ll delete every word I’ve ever written on the topic.

Furthermore, the only damn reason I haven’t been wearing the same boxer briefs for the last two years is because I’m morally opposed to the idea and because the woman i sleep with basically knows my taste and provides ample replacements.

The point is, gentlemen, when you understand the value of a naira, you’ll likely refuse to buy piss-poor quality clothing. Think about it: three thousand naira once every couple months or fifteen thousand naira once ever couple years?

Weigh the options, gentlemen. And shop accordingly.



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