The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Ways To Drink Scotch

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Believe it or not, there are good, bad and ugly ways to drink Scotch and there is a high chance that you have experienced some of these ways if you are a scotch lover.

Deciding the type to drink can be a herculean task but you don’t have much to worry about as we are here to put you through most of what you know to have any and perhaps, every scotch experience there is on the surface of the earth.

Know Where Your Scotch Is Made

The first thing is to know is where your favourite drink was made. A lot of people consider each region to have its own taste profiles and often different methods of production of their whiskey. There are traditionally four regions—Campbeltown, Islay, Highland and Lowland—plus now the Speyside region, which used to be considered part of the Highlands.

People that are known as “easy sippers” tend to move towards Highland scotches, such as Glenmorangie or Oban, or those looking for intense smoky flavours toward Islay scotches like Bruichladdich or Ardbeg.

Know That Scotch Is Basically Whiskey

That means that if you already enjoy another type of whiskey, you’ll probably find a scotch that is similar. If you are a bourbon drinker, it is suggested that you try out a bottle of Auchentoshan Three Wood, which offers vanilla and caramel flavors that will be familiar to bourbon-philes.

You will most probably love it and you will thank us for pointing out the similarities.

Don’t Add Too Much Ice Or Water

Although many scotch whiskies, particularly those bottled at overproof strengths, can benefit from a cube of ice or a splash of water, but it’s quite easy to overdilute.

Too much water, and ice tends to diminish the flavour of your whiskey. As your experience with scotch grows, you may tend to add less ice or water to your whiskey, you may even choose to enjoy it neat (no ice, no water).

Scotch Works Perfectly For Cocktails

Although some people worry that scotch is too precious to mix, one of the good ways to have it is by mixing.

For those who like citrus, it is best for you to mix your drink into a sour-style cocktail. You can also substitute your bourbon or rye to get an old fashioned cocktail taste.



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