The Date Ideas You Should Not Bring Up Till You Are Actually In A Relationship

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Until you’re safely in the relationship zone, it’s best to think of every date as the first one—after all, you’re still aiming to impress, right? While it is important to put effort into your relationship even after you’re ‘going steady,’ there are certain things that is allowed at that point.

With that in mind, here are a number of date ideas that it is best you stay away from until you are actually in a relationship, except you’d like that to not, you know, ever actually happen.

The Cheap Date
In what world did you think it was a good idea to invite a girl you just met to a canteen down the road that you will only spend 500 Naira On meals for the both of you? It’s not that we don’t like cheap things but going to a place like this on a first date speaks volumes.

Once you’re in a relationship, you can go ahead and take her to whatever place you like but early on, you have to show that you planned this date because it’s a great date, not because it’s a great deal.

The Movie Date
It’s dark, silent and all you are required to do is to pay attention to the Movie —except to awkwardly cop a feel at intervals.

The Early Bird Date
Sunrise wakeup call the next day? That is not an excuse for you you to have a dinner date 6 p.m. dinner. Dates early on in a relationship can be awkward enough without adding the empty restaurant feel, except for old people and families groping away at their meals.

Date At The Sports Bar
Maybe she likes sports, maybe she doesn’t. That’s not really the point. When you’re still trying to get to know a girl, you shouldn’t even consider taking her to a loud bar where the focus is primarily on the TV screens surrounding you.

If you want to bond over your shared love of a football club, you may want to consider getting tickets to the actual game instead.

The Group Date
You probably think your friends are so awesome, you just can’t wait to introduce your new girl to them. But, when the outing with your buddies turns into one of nostalgia that she can in no way relate to—she’ll be out the door faster than you can say, ‘Remember when?’

Street Festival/Carnival Date
In theory, it seems like a great date idea since festivals can be awesome. Good food, good music, good people-watching. But in reality, it’s a terrible idea for a first date. It could be so crowded that you literally have to hold on to each other to stay together.

You could end up eating some awkwardly-messy street food. You could have to yell to hear each other over the loud music. These things are all fine once you’re a couple—and can just laugh about it later. Why not wait till then?



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