Taking Your Girlfriend To A Strip Club Could Be A Disaster!

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When you are in a relationship, you most likely want to enjoy everything with your girlfriend and that includes going on dates to everywhere possible. But have you ever considered the fact that it could be a disaster if you hit the strip club with your girlfriend?

The whole guy and his girl hitting a strip joint together thing is perplexing. While watching your girlfriend get a lap dance can be sexy, a whole lot of issues could come out of the visit later on. If you are considering visiting a strip club with your girlfriend, here are a few reasons you should reconsider to avoid a looming disaster.

Dangerous Precedence
Believe it or not, you are most likely setting a dangerous Precedence. The strip club is a place that was once considered an escape from all things “relationship,” and the minute you take your lady there, there is no longer a place that is off limits.

It is almost the same thing as inviting the most beautiful girl in your neighbourhood to a night out drinking with the boys.

She Hates It
Your girl may think she knows what she’s getting into, but all she’s seen are toned-down strip club scenes movies. There is a very high possibility that she will get disgusted by all the things she sees, and that includes the club, you and your friends.

This will in no small means make your next get-together with your friends very awkward.

Your Boys Hate The Scenerio
Did you ever stop to think about your friends? While there is a chance of you being able to cut yourself loose, the fact is they are now crippled by your lady’s presence.

Or, worse, they feel even crappier about their own relationships because their girlfriend would never be cool enough to follow them to a strip club.

The fact is you just caused more problems than you bargained for.

The Idea Could Catch On
On the other side, you could be allowing your night at your crew’s fave strip joint catch on with everybody. Your friends could decide to bring their girls too and turn the night to a couples night.

Everywhere you look there is a guy, his girl and glasses of friggin’ white wine. Doing it in the first place could result in a complete overhaul and nobody will be happy with the end result.

The Fights From Turns
So you whisked her into the inner sanctum, to get a little more than a lap dance. Now she’d like to return the favour. Are you ready for her book club, where her gal pals will all but get you to do their bidding?

It could even be a paint night or a gathering with a cool concept where women who like to knit meet and knit together and, you know, complain. Be ready for the fallout.



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