Film Review: New Money

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New Money

I saw New Money in the company of a friend at the cinema yesterday. Normally, I don’t watch Nollywood in the cinema and my distaste hinges on their low quality. They sometimes lack suspense and the story line I find archaic (IMO) but I saw this one anyway, jokes on me lol. In contrast, I wouldn’t mind spending my money on American movies in the cinema. I hold this blinded opinion that foreign movies are richer and more upscale. Whatever kind of person that makes me, I am not sorry. Does my preference for one kind of movie over another make me a Racist? (I should tweet that question)

The theater was scanty on a Saturday. The movie already started rolling by the time my friend and I made it in. On the screen was the lead actress a mid age Nigerian lady named Toun (played by Jemima Osunde) and her shabby boyfriend — Quam ( Folarin Falana). He was cajoling her to steal an item from her mum so he could sell and pay up an exam fee. Apparently, Toun had stolen money from her mum previously to dash her beloved boyfriend (all quam’s idea of course). Toun on that first scene was portrayed as a loyal girlfriend, whose boyfriend has her mumu bottom and often doesn’t know how to say no. Selfish has he is, making every request about him, Toun was either oblivious or chose to ignore. This scene got me laughing immediately I entered because Falz in every way is a delight. Delight doesn’t well describe it. He is good! Natural with comedy and humorously speaking in a native Yoruba accent. Falz is one of the few people who can do no wrong in my eyes; another is Paola Mathe of — the Haitian fashion blogger.

Watch The Trailer For New Money Featuring Falz, Jemima Osunde, Wofai Fada And More

New Money tells a short fictitious story of a young lady who lives with her mother. Toun works at a store as a sales girl, and doubles as a growing tailor / designer. Toun’s mother owns a bar but there was never a customer in the background in all bar scenes. One day, she woke up to a life changing revelation. The day started off just like every other days. The scene saw her yelling her departure to her mum from a distant room. By the time she got close enough, she saw her mum in the company of two strange faces. As she inquired about their identity casually, little did she know that she was about having her life turned. Her mother in a bid to dismiss her replied saying “they are no one” but Toun will not bulge, not after hearing the lady in black that wore a sober face started off saying “your dad died 3 weeks ago and was buried today left you his empire…” . Toun received this news with all but excitement. Poor girl, she was scared, shocked and detached but she must come along to assume the CEO.

As the story progresses, Toun didn’t quite find the new life easy. She had to learn, make mistakes and relearn. Fighting her way to fit in, she felt herself growing away from her mother and best friend / coworker. Toun blamed her mother for denying her the lifetime opportunity of meeting and living with her father. She felt it’s unfair and selfish on her mother’s path. The moment she left home to become CEO, she took up being rebellious in a bid to get even. One time her mother came to the club to look for her but Toun still won’t talk to her. Not too long, she retraced her steps back to momma and was received with open arms… although not at first. It was during reconciliation, her mother made her understand reasons behind her actions 20 years ago. The fear of losing her after she lost her marriage was her reason.

Incompetent, naive, utterly vulnerable, Toun the sales girl found herself manning an empire, something she never dreamed of. It’s like two parallel worlds a minute ago and now she has to mind her actions, her dress sense no longer conform with the “role” and certain decisions are not part of the priority. Tough decision there for her to make. The New Money started and Toun could afford to pay up her debts and buy back her sewing machine. The time came for Toun to have her first meeting as CEO with top guys in the company, everyone but she looked forward to the meeting. She was confused. She displayed her nativity on different levels. There in the meeting was Patrick- Adeolu Adefarasin. Patrick for once didn’t welcome Toun on board. He saw her in the very light she is, incapable, indisciplined, inexperienced; he couldn’t have her in the same space without losing his mind. He pointed out Toun will ruin everything they laboured for; he can’t stand being in same room with her without pointing a reason why she isn’t fit. Patrick feels his dad, brother to the late Chief Odumosu –Toun’s dad should be CEO. Also in the meeting was a playboy / cheat who swept Toun off her feet. Latter scene saw him and Toun engrossed in a heated kiss, seconds went by and he lifted her off the ground and threw her to the bed. We all know what that leads to in Nigerian movies ?.

Toun’s father’s driver who became her driver started off as a right hand man later to an enemy to a right hand man again and finally lover. There were scenes I saw as unnecessary; the party scene for instance where Toun’s mother came to look for her. Toun, Falz (in his usual demure) and her best friend went partying. Drinks on me, don’t you know who we are, I will buy this table, dancing on table and stuff, at the end of the night, the bill totaled 4million gerege!

The movie had excellent acts such as Kate Henshaw (Toun’s mother) Dakore Akande (Angela: toun’s late dad’s widow who couldn’t conceive. She was nice to Toun throughout),Wale Ojo ( Toun’s uncle turned rivalry), Osas Ajibade (Ngozi), Adeolu Adefarasin (Patrick), The naturally beautiful Toun- Jemima Osunde. They all brought their A game ?.

The last scenes saw Toun ditching her role as CEO to go after her passion. She displayed her designs at the Heineken fashion runway, glamorous and well received. When the show ended, she stepped out to clapping ovation; she came out searching the audience for a face. I honestly thought she wanted to share that moment of glory with her mum instead, she walked towards her dad driver now her driver and lover, she fell into his embrace and both shared a kiss.

The movie is highly cliche. No one wakes up to news of a rich dead dad. Have I mentioned the movie has great sound track? Simi sonorous voice played in the backgroud, Falz (Soft work and la fete), Korede Bello-Godwin, Small doctor hit track- penalty. It is easy to love Simi, she is one of few who I believe when she said, if she is not doing music, she wouldn’t be doing anything else. String of words flow out of her effortlessly to make perfect rhythm!

That concludes my review. Go support them by watching the movie, like and share.

Review by Ibukun Samuel.



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