All The Signs That Women Show To Let You Know That They Want More Than Friendship

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Women are masters of subtle signs and they will rather expect you to identify and act on the signs they show you than to out rightly tell you that they want more than friendship.

You may have found yourself in a scenario where a beautiful lady is sitter by you at a club or lounge and she let you buy her a drink, laugh at your jokes and even brush your knee, but you think her actions are normal.

There is a chance she maybe flirting or not. This is because women are raised to be polite and men sometimes mistake friendliness for flirtation.

Often women think that they’re giving clear signals, and if the man’s not responding, they take it as a rejection. Men are however just not aware in such situations and both parties walk away unfulfilled. To clear up the confusion, here are some signs that indicate women want you for real.

She’s primping
If you find her doing things such as smoothing her blouse, playing with her hair or adjusting her posture, she’s into you. A lot of the time she’s not aware she’s doing these things, so if you notice her doing any of these, you should take it as a clue. Compliment her efforts, and if you make her blush, even better.

Her pupils grow
When a person is emotionally or sexually aroused, the pupil dilates and enlarge to about ten times its original size. This involuntary action is a sure sign of attraction.

Her lower body likes you
If she’s sitting with her legs crossed and her top leg is slightly swinging, or if her foot is pointed towards you, she is most likely attracted to you. Mimic her posture by turning your hips toward her to signal that the interest is mutual.

Her language style matches yours
If a woman repeats your phrases or uses words similar to yours, there is a high chance she is flirting.

In one study, couples whose speaking styles were similar and above average were nearly four times as likely to desire a second date as those that were not. To increase your chance of seeing her again, repeat one of her quirky phrases later in the conversation.

She talks in a funny manner
When flirting, women will speak in a higher pitch, and use more “I” and less “we” in their speech. Both genders convey intended flirtation by laughing more and speaking faster.

Men tend to ask more questions when they are flirting. In all of human history, asking more questions of a woman has never been a bad move.

She asks probing questions
A lot of guys look at meeting women in the wrong context. Some men look at women that are responsive to them and think that they are interested in them.

However, what you really want is a woman who is very engaged. If she’s asking questions, she’s invested in your conversation. Answer her slowly and vaguely to build intrigue.

She thinks deeply
One sure way to know if she’s thinking is to ask an open-ended question such as “If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?” about 10 minutes into the conversation. The depth of her answer is going to be a good gauge of how much into you, she is.

She’s into your touch
When all else fails, you can rely on subtle touching. Try “accidentally” touching the back of her hand with your hand, or let your foot brush up against her foot. If she allows it, that’s a good sign she’s feeling your physical presence and she’s enjoying it. You should however note that this is not an invitation to lunge for her breasts…yet. If she asks you to stop, stop immediately.



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