According To Science, This Is The Best Drink To Quench Thirst

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Everyone that has lived or stays in the tropics can relate to getting thirsty and needing an incredibly cold drink to quench thirst. The big question however is that what drink should be your beat option when thirst comes calling?

A new scientific study Suggests Cold Seltzer is the drink that quenches thirst best among other drinks available on the face of the earth.

Anytime you find your mouth feeling like cotton and your throat contesting with the dryness of the sahara, the only thing that comes to your mind and matters at that point in time is to get a cold drink that can quench your thirst.

At that point in time, everything else can wait. Though the obvious route might be to reach for a glass of cold water—or stick your head straight under the shower—a new study suggests a different approach. Regular water isn’t what you need.

The most thirst-quenching drink, according to science, is actually a glass of cold seltzer.

That’s right, seltzer fanatics, it’s time to raise your seltzer freak flag, because a study published in the Public Library of Science journal just confirmed what you’ve probably known in your heart of hearts all along: There’s nothing better than seltzer when you’re thirsty.

The study which had 98 participants determined how effective various beverages were at curing thirst by how much water the subjects reached for after trying a certain beverage.

Temperature and carbonation were the two biggest factors that quenched thirst, over acidity or sweetness. So while you shouldn’t reach for a glass of lukewarm flat water or a cold, sugary soda, a cold, purely bubbly water will do you right.

There is a reason why your cold bubbly seltzer water is irresistible, especially after your hangover routine. If you ever find yourself thirsty and need of something that will not only satisfy but also calm you, your seltzer is your best option!



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