4 Items That Can Take Your Workout Routine To A Whole New Level

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With technological advancement, routine workout measures have taken an entirely new dimension. Despite the influx of futuristic fitness gadgets, you should however know that none of them will do your workout for you but they have the possibility of changing your workout game and turbocharging your results.

Some items made it to our favourite workout gadgets list. We have also come up with some do it yourself tips that can help you apply these items to your workout routine comfortably.

Virtual Coaching
Virtual coaching is a workout item from NordicTrack and it is a little expensive. It is a major weight-room gripe that has been heard over and over. Most of the time, a workout calls for, say, 10 dumbbell chest presses. But you haven’t the foggiest idea how much weight to use, and you in turn choose the lightish one. (Research proves we naturally go this route.)

This however isn’t the case under NordicTrack’s watch. This gadget has a new at-home cable system, with built-in iFit Coach technology, whivh allows you pick from dozens of prerecorded instructor-led routines (via the 10-inch tablet screen) and seven fitness levels.
It automatically adjusts resistance to correspond with the exercises being streamed.

The machine knows how heavy to go for that chest press versus a back squat, so you don’t have to do anything, except sweat. An included Bluetooth heart-rate chest strap will help you figure out if your ticker is working hard enough too.

What you however have to do before any workout is to determine your “readiness” (e.g., strong, a bit sluggish, or sore), then check in with your body halfway through to make sure you’re pushing yourself appropriately.

Class Simulation
Peloton ushered in a new type of “group fitness”—one where you don’t actually have to be in the class to reap the class vibes. Flywheel’s debut personal bike follows the same model—but with 42 nationwide studios, you also can easily pop into one for a sesh, and all your data (including times and PRs) will sync up through the app. You can choose how to stream be it iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or built-in monitor.

To make your routine interesting, you can FaceTime at least once a week with a friend before a solo activity, and Snapchat them for a “high five” afterward. The pre-workout call will not only keep you accountable but also hype you up for a more powerful sweat. This is because feeling supported is key to consistency, which is key to getting results.

This Stealth Core Trainer is a video game which can help you move your butt. In 2016, Fitbit partnered with the NBA 2K17 video game to boost the scores of players who reach 10,000 daily steps in real life. Stealth, a new tool plus app, applies a similar theory to making ab work fun.

Place your phone in the unstable board’s cradle, set up in plank position, and suddenly you become a human joystick, operating an arcade game. You tilt the board left, right, and forward as you play, firing up tiny stabilizing muscles and, hopefully, forgetting just how long you’re holding that plank.

One reason isometric exercises (contracting your muscles without shifting them) are so hard is because your brain has nothing to focus on except the burn. Adding mini movements can however distract you while upping the challenge.

Holding a position (like planks or wall sits), have one person choose small motions—like tapping the toes or raising one arm—that you both must do. Switch, then repeat.

Artificial intelligence

This Vi Headphones can tell you how to properly do a pushup. Yeah, you can talk fitness to digital assistants. To a certain extent. But do you feel they understand you? That’s where Vi comes in. A pair of earbuds loaded with AI software, she can coach you into becoming a stronger runner.

Vi knows your name, voice, and biometrics (heart rate, pace, and distance for every run) and aggregates all that to tell you how to meet and surpass your goals. Using GPs and your heartbeat, she speaks to you in real time to pick up speed, slow down for hills, quicken your cadence to prevent injury, and go the extra mile to break through plateaus.

She’ll also tell you when, based on recent activity, you’re due for a sprint interval workout or recovery jog (and then pace you through that too). Are you kinda creeped out? Don’t be. People that have raced using these headphones say she feels like a friend.

She watches every little detail and helps you maximize them into better run results. After every run, log the specifics (how long, how fast, how you felt). Note spots where things didn’t go well (like you got winded on a hill, or started too fast and crashed).

Seeing it all written down in one place can help you pinpoint patterns—things that are working and areas where you can improve—and keep you motivated.



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