#BBNaija 2018 Day 81: What Caught The Attention Of The Housemates?

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With the Big Brother Naija Finale drawing closer, the #bbnaija Housemates are employing different tactics to help them cope with the inevitable end of the game.

Being locked up in a House with no contact with the outside world can sure have both positive and negative effects on anyone’s psyche, but luckily, the #bbnaija finalists are equal to the challenge. Although this week has been far from slow, the housemates are continuing to take it easy mostly, as the week comes to a close.

Alex and Tobi have officially taken their respective places as ‘King and Queen of dance’. On any given morning, the two besties can be seen staring at themselves in the garden mirrors, dancing up a storm, with no care in the world.

Sometimes, the two regale each other with stories from their real lives outside the #bbnaija House. Other times, they make a game out of mimicking Big Brother’s voice as it beams a directive over the House speakers.

Cee-C on the other hand, usually keeps to herself and pops up when it’s time for a Task Briefing. Yesterday however, Cee-C gave everyone something to talk about when she went on a verbal tirade against Tobi after he had “gossiped” about her. That and the Strike that followed gave the gang enough to talk about, well into the night.

Nina and Miracle have been sure to spend every waking moment with each other. When they are not sitting outside soaking up the last rays of the early winter sun, the two hop into bed and take lazy siestas in each other’s arms.

Today, Miracle’s aeronautical know-how was put to good use by the gang, who had spotted an ‘Unidentified Flying Object’. Responding to shouts of “Miracle come down quickly,” the 22-year-old pilot sprinted out of the house and made a beeline for the garden, where Alex and Tobi were waiting, eyes fixed at the sky. “What is that? A rocket? A plane? It’s going so fast”.

Miracle then confidently assured his fellow #bbnaija Housemates that everything was in order and there would be no alien invasions anytime soon. “It’s a commercial jet,” he confirmed, before going on to measure how high the plane was flying and possibly how fast.



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