#BBNaija 2018 Day 75: Lolu In Need Of Cupid’s Help?

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As relatively straightforward as Miracle and Nina’s reconciliation seemed to be, especially given how deep the two are into each other, and Tobi and Cee-C’s reunion, which both owe to Alex, Lolu also seems to need some help from the #bbnaija house’s cupid.


However, despite her goodwill, Alex is yet to dabble into Anto and Lolu’s territory.

At the start of this #bbnaija season, Anto and Lolu were paired up under the monicker ‘Loto’ in what was soon enough perceived as a super-power couple. The two of them shared an indescribable chemistry made of brains and cheek.

Though at that time, nothing had transpired about any romantic attachment, Lolu was clearly smitten in every possible way by Anto’s feminine mystique. Anto on her side seemed to relish in all the courting and attention she had become the recipient of, yet never gave suit to his advances.

When Anto was Evicted, Lolu looked like he had been hit by a bus as he struggled to cope with her sudden disappearance from the #bbnaija House.

With Anto’s return however, and her first very real meltdown about her broken heart, things have just not been as rosy as Lolu had anticipated.

Despite all his efforts and consistency, he and Anto are still at odds when it comes to their relationship, which didn’t go unnoticed by their peers. Yet none of the #bbnaija housemates have dared sitting Lolu and Anto together to help reconcile their differences, and who would even try?

Unlike the others, these two have kept their dirty laundry to themselves. They have kept everyone at bay from their relationship, and everyone has respected the distance not the least because Anto and Lolu are seen as more mature and experienced than their peers.

However, earlier this week, at the depths of despair following another acidic exchange, for the first time in eleven weeks, Lolu had opened up to Tobi who made the rather clumsy and naive mistake of comparing his experience with Cee-C to that of Lolu with Anto.

Despite all this, it would come as no surprise to learn that Anto and Lolu’s relationship has blossomed inside the #bbnaija House.

Clearly it does take an immense amount of self-restraint, in the Big Brother’s House, to keep some discretion, which is an element most need for any relationship to grow and that is something the pair possess.



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