#BBNaija 2018 Day 74: Housemates Become Change Ambassadors With The Eduction Task

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Following the goals for education Task that saw the #bbnaija Housemates score a total of 8 goals and bagging an equivalent ₦ 800 000 collectively, they made their way to the Arena for the final part of their Airtel Touching lives Task.

The #bbnaija Housemates appeared to have put a lot of thought into their individual presentations and judging by their overall performances, the issue at hand hit home and despite there only being one winner, all of them made very valid points.

The #bbnaija Housemates were initially Tasked to pick local primary schools in their communities that would benefit from their performances in the Task and as such assuming the roles of benefactors and special advisors on education.

Nina was the first #bbnaija Housemate to deliver her pitch and with a reasonable amount or articulation, made mention that equality in education was the first point she’d raise as advisor.

Alex and Tobi shared the idea, highlighting the fact that educating children is a collective responsibility, especially in one’s immediate community.

Khloe and Miracle made it a point of duty to make use of their own personal experiences to pass their points across. They made it known that they believed that practical education is more effective than bombarding students with theory that they might not necessarily understand.

They also highlighted the fact that children’s brains are like blank pages, saying whatever is inscribed on them, influences their overall development.

Cee-C gave a rather unique take on the issue, also placing her own experiences at the centre. She rhetorically asked of what use it was educating young people who don’t know who they are and mentioning that the greatest tragedy is not untimely death but what dies inside of us while we’re alive.

Lolu on the other hand highlighted the core and long term benefits of equal access to education, while Anto brought the winning pitch, bringing practicality to the table and proposing that physical education be a compulsory part of a basic education system as it aids in healthy academics.

Statistics has shown that one in four Sub-Saharan people reside in Nigeria, making it the most populous country in Africa, with a census placing it on more than 180 million people.

What this means is that, the approach towards bettering education as one of the most basic of services owed to the people has evolved along the years and with such attitudes towards the latter, the future looks promising.

However much still needs to be done to get education to its rightful place as the #bbnaija housemates have highlighted.



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