#BBNaija 2018 Day 73: What Went Wrong With The Couples?

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In the first few weeks of the #bbnaija game, it was pretty evident that the Big Brother Naija couples had distinguished themselves from their fellow Housemates and they were set on a path of romantic adventure.

Even though the #bbnaija Housemates were paired and played the game in two’s, those who had a mutual understanding outside the game made it clear. From there on, it was #CoupleGoals every day and for quite sometime, as it seemed like they had thrown their strategies out the window and were focusing solely on love.

Two days into the game, Miracle and Nina found each other and were the first to mark each other unavailable in the #bbnaija House as they gave us the first Double Wahala Kiss.

Before the pairing of the #bbnaija Housemates happened, they were already all over each other as if they had been doing this for long. That first hook up paved the way for other Housemates to follow suit and Tobi and Cee-C were next.

When official pairing came, it wasn’t debatable for the two pairs as to whom they’d pair with, everything flowed naturally. We were introduced to the birth of Ceebi and Mina.

Though it was smooth sailing for Mina and Ceebi, for Lolu, who had been partnered with Anto, it was an entirely different story. Both are practically seen as observant intellectuals in the #bbnaija House, which perhaps informs the reason why Anto made it difficult for him and never gave in to his advances until she got Evicted.

Things started crumbling between Tobi and Cee-C and almost every week there’d be a quarrel which would lead to silent treatment on both ends. Things took a turn for the worst when Tobi decided to go solo, something Cee-C never saw coming. The end of their relationship was sealed when the two decided to have nothing to do with each other.

However, Nina and Miracle had a solid thing going on which everyone was aware of and no Housemate dared try to rock the boat.

The demise of Ceebi, reminded everyone of the uncertainty of the Big Brother game and when Anto returned from Eviction, Lolu’s courage seemed to have grown more.

His efforts weren’t just words and even though Anto’s advantage of being able to learn things about him from outside were tabled, he finally reaped the fruits of his persistence. They sealed the cat and mouse game with a kiss.

For Nina, it appears she has her own interpretation of the word ‘friendship’ and this has caused a rattle between her and Miracle. And even though she’s explained herself, the gap seems to be growing between them.

However, she seems to have reached her quota of begging and is letting the whole situation play itself out.

Anto on the other hand, has made it clear to Lolu that the kiss basically meant nothing after telling him that on her return to the #bbnaija House, he’s only gained fifteen percent of her trust.

As things stand, after Nina told Miracle to “go hang”, in not so many words, there are no couples left in the #bbnaija House and all the goals they’ve given may have as well been in vain.

The big question is “What went wrong?”



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