WE DESERVE SOME ACCOLADES: 24mp Front Camera – The Selfie Lifestyle Game Changer

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Innovation in Smartphone camera has continued to grow and so has the love for selfies. The word Selfie now exists in the dictionary since it was first used 10 years ago. In the earlier times, front and back cameras of phones were very poor, then they got better and front cameras got even better. In 2018, TECNO raised the bar and added a 24MP shooter to the front of the Camon X Pro—that ensures you can shoot clear selfies indoors and outdoors.

With the wide acceptance of smartphones, the camera is the one feature that has played an important role in making sure people continually use their devices. The more amazing the camera megapixel is on a smartphone, the more accolades the brand gets these days.

Tecno-Camon Selfie 1-360nobs

However, the love for pictures didn’t just start today. In the past, the regular DSLR camera played a big role in making sure people smiled when they go through their memories. Nevertheless, times have long changed and today, the love for not just pictures but selfies have immensely grown to a level that some people cannot go a day without taking selfies.

All the accolades for the selfie acceptance amongst the people will have to go to none other than the African mobile king themselves, TECNO Mobile and it’s important to note that the CAMON series of TECNO is responsible for this feat.

New TECNO CAMON X Pro takes the achievement even further
The CAMON series from TECNO which is remarkably recognized for changing the selfie game in the smartphone industry today, has over the years released outstanding smartphones with top of the line camera specs and they definitely have set a new record with the launch of the CAMON X Pro.

Tecno-Camon X-360nobs

The device which is Africa’s first smartphone with a 24MP selfie camera will not only continue to boost the selfie love trend but will make people get more than they would normally get in taking their regular selfies.

The device flaunts a 6.0-inch FHD super screen which will enable users view things from a wider point of view.

Let’s check out some amazing selfies taken with the new TECNO CAMONX Pro

Tecno-Camon Selfie 2-360nobs

Selfie taken in the Night with the Camon X Pro

Tecno-Camon Selfie 7-360nobs
Camon X Front camera Portrait Mode

Storage space? A small matter for the X Pro
That’s just one of the amazing things this smartphone flaunts. The new CAMON X Pro also comes loaded with enough storage space to save almost anything saveable- with a 4GB RAM + 64GB RAM, is that too impossible to imagine?

An additional feature that has continued to make me go “gaga “is the inclusion of a revolutionary facial ID, which simply gives an extra security boost.

The new TECNO CAMON X Pro is surely a device to own and can I quickly chip in that, you stand a chance to be crowned the CAMON X Selfie King/Queen in an ongoing Clear selfie competition organized by TECNO Mobile.

Go to @tecnomobileng on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get information on how you can join the competition.



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