‘Dead’ Man Wakes Up Minutes Before His Autopsy

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‘Brain-Dead’ Man Wakes Up Minutes Before His Autopsy

An Indian man who was declared dead after an involvement in a car crash, woke up moments before his autopsy was performed.

It is understood that the 24-year-old “brain-dead” man, who was taken for autopsy in a government hospital in Madhya Pradesh on Monday, was found to be alive.

The Sun UK reports that Himanshu Bharadwaj narrowly avoided being cut up after spending the night in a morgue when doctors realised he was still alive.

A senior medical officer, Chhindwara district hospital, Dr Sushil Dubey, disclosed that Bharadwaj suffered head injuries after his motorcycle skidded off the road in Chhindwara city on Sunday, following which he was referred to Nagpur in neighbouring Maharashtra for treatment.

Livemint quoted him as saying that the doctors at the Nagpur hospital declared Bharadwaj brain dead and sent him back to Chhindwara.

“Bharadwaj’s family members then brought him back to the Chhindwara district hospital where doctors later declared him dead as his pulse was missing and he was showing no signs of life,” said Dr Dubey.

Bharadwaj was shifted to the mortuary of the hospital for postmortem on Monday afternoon.

“However, when the mortuary sweeper was preparing the ‘body’ for postmortem, he suddenly noticed movement in Bharadwaj’s body.

“He immediately informed doctors who rushed to the mortuary and shifted Bharadwaj. He responded positively to the medical treatment,” said Dr Dubey.

“Bharadwaj regained consciousness and his all vitals are found to be stable,” he said, “adding that Bharadwaj was again referred to Nagpur for better treatment.”

While his family has hailed it as a miracle a large crowd gathered outside to protest against the perceived negligence by the doctors.



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