#BBNaija 2018 Day 52: The Problems Of Miracle And Nina

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Miracle’s transformation since being in the #bbnaija house is one that is hard to overlook, as he had let out a side to him that even the other Housemates are still trying to figure out. From silent weakling to an opinionated competitor, his gaming dimensions have definitely widened.

However, the transformation is not entirely a positive one, especially from the perspective of his love interest, Nina.

Miracle’s post Head of House win behaviour showed just how disappointed he was that he couldn’t share the niceties with Nina but quickly changed when he was paired with Anto.

He seemed to have gravitated towards the general idea people had surrounding Nina’s personality. She showed some jealousy when she saw his friendship with Anto blossoming a little too much and tried to re-direct Anto’s attention towards Lolu.

Anto picked this up and so did Miracle who low-key told her to mind her own business and stop acting childish. He might have had grounds for that sudden outburst but that’s just the point, it was an outburst that further emphasized the cracks on the wall concerning his relationship with Nina.

Another incident that further brought to the fore Miracles less than forth coming behaviour towards Nina took place on day 48 in the #bbnaija house, when she tried to justify her actions towards Bambam. His take was that she had shouted and that alone warranted an apology.

Although Nina begged to differ, explaining that her demeanour was not necessarily a display of rudeness towards Bambam but a result of Alex’s shouting, Miracle seemed to have been fixed on the opinion that Nina could have acted better.

Although it’s pretty obvious that he’s trying the help her avoid making foes and losing friends, his approaches sometimes in the #bbnaija house are harsh and seem to be affecting her.

The food related fallout with Cee-C left Nina a bit disorientated with anger because she felt directly attacked by the other #bbnaija housemates. Miracle did mediate by trying to understand where it all began by asking Cee-C to explain her side of the fence and ‘straightened’ Nina up by indirectly telling her to stop being messy.

Yet again, his intentions were good but his approach, insensitive. Furthermore, after Nina’s breakdown last night, she was visibly still emotional and being accused of being greedy with the food which further affected her mood.

Miracle looked like he was blaming Nina for it but Alex quickly mediated and came to Nina’s defence; but when Nina refused to let his ‘ you should apologize’ opinion sink in, he left her there and said he was done and didn’t care about the matter anymore.

Miracle’s change in behaviour might have been fuelled by trying to balance his own strategy and avoid looking like he over-pampered Nina. It could also be that he was trying to bring out her personality too.

Meanwhile Nina’s own might be fuelled by the constant feuds and the feeling of being attached while Miracle looks away. Either way, they have become very different people in their personal capacities in the #bbnaija house.

It is left to be seen how their interaction will be affected by the potential returnees.



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