#BBNaija 2018 Day 52: Housemates Lose The Dice Stacking Challenge

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The #bbnaija Housemates participated in yet another challenge that biggie named the dice stacking challenge but they all stumbled to a collective loss. As they went down the championship week path, they just didn’t have what it takes as they stumbled and failed their Challenge, leaving them to only await the next challenge to try collect and restore the glory of the #bbnaija House.

Upon receiving their brief, the #bbnaija Housemates didn’t think much of the challenge as it sounded straight forward and quite easy to them. They were to divide themselves into three groups, namely; the steady mouth, the steady hands and the cheer masters.

With self-explanatory group names, the only thing that lay ahead was stacking the objects and coming out victorious but it was easier said than done.

Big brother had described the challenge as ‘simple’, but it was far from it because the #bbnaija Housemates had a tough time nailing it, especially towards the end of the challenge.

The steady mouths were to secure ice cream sticks in their mouths while the steady hands were to stack the dice on top of each other. Initially, the #bbnaija Housemates seemed to be nailing the Challenge and managing to keep their ‘shivers’ in check; however, the Challenge proved to be a little harder than it looked as they kept dropping the dice and got frustrated as they had to continually restack with little success.

Biggie gave the #bbnaija Housemates some time to re-strategize and think their challenge through but even the break proved futile because they still lost.

All the housemates seemed a bit sad and angry at their loss and Alex was quite vocal about her disappointment as she had stacked more dice than her competition.

All this almost lead to an argument as Cee-C felt that it was competition while some of the other #bbnaija Housemates viewed it as team work. Nonetheless, the housemates were defeated by the task and they are left in need of a win to get rid of it.



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