#BBNaija 2018 Day 51: The Ninja Sessions

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One aspect of the Big brother showz that not very many people have a good understanding of is the Ninjas and their roles; expecially in the #bbnaija show.

Although they are not Voted for and people only ever refer to them as ‘the ninjas’, they have so much access to the #bbnaija Housemates that isn’t limited to the physical realm. They see and can almost touch the feelings of the #bbnaija housemates and are almost always dragged down by their laziness and their pepper noodles almost always have them cringe even without tasting them.

Furthermore, the Tasks were always a truck load for the ninjas especially when there were 20 of the #bbnaija housemates. With only 9 of the housemates left, the work load of the ninjas seems to have doubled, literally.

Talking about Tasks, the ninjas have had the responsibility of warning Biggie about ‘colour coded, under 12’ puzzles quite a number of times because it was painful to watch the poor #bbnaija Housemates struggle for up to 10 minutes to put together puzzles that were actually borrowed Kindergarten and failing to go over lifeless logs.

However, the #bbnaija housemates always seem to do enough to surmount the tasks, especially with their acting and under par singing.

More so, the ninjas are alsp tasked with delivering platters to help the #bbnaija Housemates celebrate their victories. After an entire week of curbed eating, thanks to their Wager loss, the hunger of the housemates could be smelt and felt.

They were literally praying that Biggie unfreezes them so they could indulge and break their involuntary fast. The ninjas have also being previledged to witness a number of food brawls and meat counting spurts from the #bbnaija Housemates, an indication that they love food.

The job of the ninjas is not limited to thay of a lazy clock watcher or anything. It includes delivering birthday cakes and cards, silently enforcing the rule during arena Tasks, delivering briefs and all the logistics and mediating when unnecessary fights break out.

They also have the responsibility of escorting evictees who have had to say goodbye to their multimillion Naira dreams and go back to their realities.

The Ninjas not only see the #bbnaija housemates smile, celebrate victories, go hysterical, laze around in bed all day; and also watch them bring the action to viewers the world over.



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