#BBNaija 2018 Day 51: Is Bringing Back The Ex-housemates Really Worth It?

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Not very many people know that the Big brother show was created by the Dutch after dipping into the unknown and exploringa format that was centred around the ‘all seeing’ supreme, which later grew wings into the #bbnaija show. Africa was hit hard by the Big brother show and thanks to our unique viewing glass and an authentic artistry, we were able to add colour and the sound of the drum to the format.

With the introduction of the #BBBringBack twist to the #bbnaija show which is new to the African shore but has previously been used in the US and Canada, raised more than a few controversies.

From an unbiased point of view, the ex-housemates who are potential ‘returnees’ have been exposed to the outside world, the media and have created strategic moves form that might work in their favour in terms of game.

However, some school of thought believe the only difference between current and Ex-housemates is the amount of information at their disposal. One group of #bbnaija housemates know whose been Nominating them but the other doesn’t, one has established who the strongest contenders are in terms of numbers and the other hasn’t.

In terms of the Votes however, the power still lies in the jands of the viewers. Immunity is only awarded to Housemates that wins it fairly and Nominations are driven by the #bbnaija Housemates themselves.

The probability of two Housemates bringing biased scales to the House may be next to none, as each has to follow their strategy.

Looking at the #bbnaija show in its entirety and the fact that there are 3 views, Big brother’s, The Housemates’ and the Viewer’s, which all silently explains just how fitting the image of the eye logo is.

Seeing as perception is everything, the introduction of the new twist came like an unexpected multi-levelled storm, especially when looking at it from the perspective of the viewers.

However, the show thrives on twists and turns that cause a type of discomfort which causes fans to change and reposition themselves.

Talking about the plots, twists and turns; the constantly changing dynamics of the #bbnaija show are meant to leave even the viewer a little uncomfortable and lost for words.

Since the show is nearing its end, the show saw multiple pairings, changes and twists with the Head of House challenges, to mention a few. This new twist definitely promises a whole lot of drama, and viewers are in for a bumpy ride.



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