#BBNaija 2018 Day 50: Miracle Becomes Head Of House For The Second Time

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For the second time in this season of Big brother naija, Miracle bested the other #bbnaija housemates to become the Head of house. It seems as if Biggie’s challenges increase in quirkiness as the weeks go by, but that was no match for Miracle.

On day 50, Biggie asked the #bbnaija Housemates to fit stockings on their heads and walk in line to knock the water bottles on their path. However the trick was that Biggie’s Ninjas had added a tennis ball in the stocking that Housemates had to enter in a white cup at the end of their bottle line.

Upon learning about this twist, Tobi, Lolu and their peers all burst into laughter, as they struggled to come to terms with the rules of the game. Nina was still giggling by the time they all took their position behind the lines, all ready to compete.

On the sound of the buzzer, with hands in the back, the #bbnaija Housemates stumbled around as they strove to advance as fast while remaining focused. Yet chuckling could still be heard as the Challenge appeared more puzzling than anticipated.

Although all the #bbnaija housemates started at the same time, it was Miracle whose cup was filled first, even as the other housemates struggled to walk along and fill their cups. He lit up to be acknowledged again and when Biggie asked him to choose a Housemate to share the luxury bedroom didn’t hesitate to name Nina.

However, despite his win, Miracle will have to wait to find out whether he has immunity or not after the fake Live Nominations show that will come up later. We wait to see what he will choose, to save and replace or to have immunity from eviction from the #bbnaija house.

What option do you think Miracle will be lucky enough to get?



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