#BBNaija 2018 Day 50: Housemates Engage In A Lumapil Malaria Awareness Task

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The night of day 50 in the #bbnaija house was a pretty eventful one for the Housemates, as they first Wagered 75%, of their BB earnings and then went straight into the Fake Nominations, followed by the Lumapil Forte Task.

After being separated into three teams, the #bbnaija Housemates were required to formulate presentations about Malaria and the major effect it has throughout Africa.

Team A consisted of Tobi, Lolu and BamBam. Team B was Rico, Alex and HoH Miracle and Team C saw Teddy A, Nina and Cee-C. The team pairings presented an interesting dynamic, especially after the fake Nominations where a lot of true feelings were revealed.

There was a definitive difference in each of the presentations, it was quite obvioua that Team A lacked a bit of chemistry as their presentation was extremely formal and stiff. Team B showed a lot more flair with Rico being his usual funny self and Alex beaming with positivity at the podium.

Finally Team C brought a healthy dose of drama with Teddy A playing a doctor and Cee-C and Nina performing a medical re-enactment. They poked fun at Miracle and Nina’s relationship in the #bbnaija House and even though they got a few facts wrong, it was still a good laugh.

The #bbnaija Housemates appear to be fully in the game now and have learned that they need to make the most of their Tasks not only because they can win big but also because they cannot mess with Biggie.

After Tobi got two Strikes on day 49 and Anto’s Eviction still fresh in their minds, all the #bbnaija Housemates know now that they need to play the game with everything they’ve got.

This was evident in their effort tonight and the last few Tasks before this. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic shifts when two of the Evicted Housemates get to return to the #bbnaija House.

Which Team do you think will win tonight’s Lumapil presentation?



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