#BBNaija 2018 Day 50: Housemates Burn Their Energy With Games

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Of recent, big brother has decided to entertain the #bbnaija housemates as a type of reward for their good behaviour by providing them with various games to keep them busy.

The island in the dressing room has almost become the centre of gravity of the #bbnaija House, due to the games available there.

What started on a makeshift table, with book covers as tennis rackets, and a rolled up towel serving as a net, has increased bonding amongst the three alpha male #bbnaija housemates who seem to delight in this ping-pong game.

Teddy A, Miracle and Tobi have taken turns around the improvised table tennis court and sometimes at odd hours of the day and night, just for the fun and relaxation of it.

For some reason, the #bbnaija Housemates did not seem to take to the jacuzzi or water games, for it has remained mostly covered and protected by the canvas cover.

Biggie’s House was fitted with all the amenities to ensure they have a pleasant stay, yet and unlike previous cohorts, the #bbnaija Housemates have failed to take advantage of it.

Perhaps the early pairing and romantic games may have influenced them into keeping their distances from the hot tub. Yet there were a few times where relaxing in the heated outdoor pool would have helped some of their spirits to cool-off.

The #bbnaija Housemates seem to have developed a real appetite for strategy games, and for a good reason too. There has been more than a dew times where the housemates could be seen focusing intensely on Ludo board games, a game that demands a sustained focus and fast analysis skills as well as endurance.

It is during matches that hearts poured out (half) open as much as their resentments sharpened. The Housemates also seemed to enjoy playing cards, especially after a good drink which has lead more than a few to lose and resulted in general hilarity.



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