#BBNaija 2018 Day 49: The Fights That Have Made This Season Interesting

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The #bbnaija house has had more than a few interesting moments and the fights that have occurred between the housemates have at times defined how things went. The philosphies of ‘total peace’ and the ‘live and let live’ philosophies are nothing my idealistic and are goals too high to reach for some of the #bbnaija housemates.

With more than a few larger than life egos, a lot of clashes and air punches directed at the offenders are bound to happen.

Ifu Ennada and Nina got into a fight when the former tried to throw shade at the latter for an incident that had happened earlier but Nina wouldn’t have it. She too threw jabs at her and downright called her stupid.

Ahneeka disapproved of being referred to as silly by Teddy A and as expected, didn’t swallow it. She called him out, insults and all. She was basically ready to go to the extent of chest bumping it out with him and prove to the rest of the #bbnaija Housemates that she wasn’t as timid as they all made her out to be.

Ifu Ennada also had the opportunity of activating Cee-C’s anger by calling her insecure. Things escalated from zero to a hundred real quick when Cee-C threw a couple of daring statements. Although Ifu took it lightly, Cee-C wasn’t having it.

There was one time when Dee-One wanted to laze around in bed and Nina just wasn’t about it when big brother had the #bbnaija housemates paired and bound. This resulted in a verbal duel that soon got heated.

During the Roc Da Mat Challenge, Rico playfully hid Ifu’s cap and she was having none of it as she poured her. Venom on Rico Swavey, ready for a challenge.

After having accused Tobi of being inappropriate with his touching, Cee-C was now at the receiving end as Tobi accused her of touching him down low. A lot of shouting and screaming followed.

Another unforgettable altercation was when Alex used Cee-C bedsheet to wipe her glasses and it escalated to a full blown argument. Cee-C thought the Alex was being rude and tried to retaliate. Just a meter and a couple of Biggie’s rules apart, the two fire balls went at each other and it was a total explosion.

Miracle was all about defending ‘Mina’s’ honour and made that much known to Leo for giving unsolicited advice. They had a heated argument about Leo trying to force his two cents into their relationship. This seems to have brought the two men further apart in the #bbnaija house.

Perhaps the biggest fight was when Cee-C poured all her fury and threw it on her then partner Lolu real quick, burning his ego in the process. The two #bbnaija housemates got in a shouting match that was so heated that no one could successfully mediate.

With the stakes continually rising, there will surely be more fights and insults hurled which will be strong enough to define the #bbnaija double wahala house.



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