#BBNaija 2018 Day 49: The Diary Sessions Before The Evictions

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Big brother decided to have diary sessions with the #bbnaija housemates prior to the live eviction show and it was quite incisive. Teddy A was the first to be called to the room, and for some reason Miracle accompanied him into the Diary Room.

As Teddy A sat into the Chair, Biggie asked whether he and Miracle had been joined at the hip, for Miracle was still standing in the narrow room. They exchanged looks and Miracle discretely stepped outside. Big brother eent ahead to ask him what he would give to stay in the #bbnaija House, Teddy A smirked and offered to give up his meat.

Biggie poked back at him that he wasn’t certain there was enough meat to sustain him right until the end of this season of #bbnaija.

Alex was next, and for the first time in a long time didn’t look knocked down. She wasn’t whining or complaining about anything, instead she said she had given her all and there was nothing more she can give.

When Miracle’s turn came, he admitted that it was the first time the #bbnaija Housemates were coming out alone and not in pairs. Previously, one could have attributed it to their partner but right now felt lonely. As for Lolu, the Game had become just scary that one or two might not be back in the #bbnaija House at the end of the night. Lolu speculated that there was a one in seven or eight chances it might be him.

Well Cee-C didn’t hide the fact that she felt a little bit anxious to know how the day would end. She said she didn’t know what to expect and was trying to manage her emotions.

Anto’s Diary session was a refreshing one. She said she didn’t feel great but was also not too nervous. Bambam also made it known that she equally felt calm and curious to see how the rest of the day would turn out. When she was asked what she would give to stay in the #bbnaija House, she joked that she had no BBNairas to give and was grateful for the game.

Tobi was the last to go into the diary room, having being prevented from participating in Diary Sessions all week for disobeying big brother. He jumped around and ran fast into the Diary Room upon hearing his name called. He said it had been a long time and he was in a better place now.



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