#BBNaija 2018 Day 48: Housemates Get Rewarded With Fun And Games

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The theme of week seven was one that wad centred on fun and silliness and as there were no strikes this week, Biggie treated the #bbnaija Housemates for their good behaviour.

It came as quite a shock to the #bbnaija housemates when Biggie’s voice boomed through the House, and he requeated everyone to freeze while the Ninjas blindfolded them.

As they were all led into the Arena in silence you could feel the apprehension in the air. When the blind folds came off though, there was a positively enigmatic roar of euphoria from all corners as everyone gazed upon the gracious gifts of fun and entertainment that Big brother had provided.

A snooker table, gym equipment, PlayStation and playing cards all for the #bbnaija housemates to enjoy. Teddy A was literally acting like an over-excited kid who got the toys of his dreams, as he screamed and jumped for joy in the arena.

While all the #bbnaija Housemates took their time to enjoy the plethora of fun activities, Teddy A and Rico swavey literally planted themselves firmly in front of the PlayStation and rooted themselves there. It almost seemed like they were in a trance, as they stared intently at the screen, playing the game like their lives depended on it.

BamBam has been on a winning streak lately and that didnt stop on day 48. Payporte gifted BamBam with some delicious platters of snacks for her Arena Games win yesterday much to the delight of the other #bbnaija Housemates who all took part in devouring the meal.

All in all it has been a great day for the #bbnaija Housemates and it seemed it will only get better with the saturday night party, especially since big brother has a middle eastern theme planned and with DJ Dose on the wheels of steel.



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