#BBNaija 2018 Day 44: Every Housemate To Himself

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Big brother gave the #bbnaija Housemates a lot to swallow on day 44 and a numnet of them like some of us were shocked at how much biggie was willing to push them.

The highlight of the day was Nina absorbing all the luck and taking the most important victory, the coveted Head of the #bbnaija House. This obviously came as a surprise and the Housemates’ facial expressions gave them away.

There is no easy way to tell whether their high fives and chest bumps were genuine; if their unspoken ‘congratulations you made it’ to Nina was real or they just followed tradition.

This was because even after she had survived the first eviction, all the #bbnaija housemates seemed to be all out of respect and therefore couldn’t give her any and they thought that she drew her strength from Miracle,but all that seems to have changed.

Biggie introduced more twists and turns that left the #bbnaija Housemates feeling disoriented. The long awaited and obviously overdue dissolving of pairs finally happened and while this called for celebrations for some of the #bbnaija Housemates, the dynamics won’t necessarily be all rosy and comfortable for the others because they seemed to have invested too much of themselves in the pairs.

The diary session were almost like a contemplation of the Nominations and revealed whether the #bbnaija Housemates up for Eviction are confident in their new found freedom.

While the Nominations varied as per protocol, they were more strategic than anything else. Even though Anto threw us off and said that she’d Nominated Alex because she found her too immature for the 25 Million Naira win. It appears that the real games have begun and only the strong has a chamce of surviving. looks like age plays a huge role the House.

Later, Miracle and Tobi started a table tennis game in the Dressing Room, using the table as a board. Miracle won the game and they all went to bed. Surprisingly, Cee-C woke up and joined Teddy A in the Dressing Room, Alex also joined them where they all exchanged tips on how to grow a bigger bum.

Teddy A left the girls in the Dressing Room while they continued their conversation about their personalities. For the first time, they actually listened to each other speak.

Miracle and Nina had a late night conversation about their disagreement. Miracle said Nina, like most ladies, gets angry about irrelevant things.

He kept hushing her whenever she tried to interrupt him but they eventually reached an agreement when she thanked him for his correction and said she’ll work on her aggression and give him feedback before taking everything with a smile like she normally does.



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