#BBNaija 2018 Day 42: Leo And Ifu Ennada Say Goodbye To The House

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The pair of Lifu (Leo and Ifu Ennada) have had quiet an interesting journey in the #bbnaija House; from being paired almost by default to winning the Pepsi Roc Da Mat Challenge and dodging the Eviction axe last week, their stay has been from one battle to another.

On a personal note, Ifu Ennada has been one of the mysterious housemates in the #bbnaija house. Besides having shown some emotion during her diary sessions and the kissing episode that occurred between her and Bitto, there have never been instances where she over-displayed her vulnerability.

Despite the favt that we cant be too sure that her strong demeanour was all a front, Ifu Ennada’s name can easily be used as an adjective to describe a person not easily broken.

Her patience seemed to go from subtle to strong in a minute because she’s lost it a couple of times and when she got to the climax of things, she couldn’t be censored. She represented all that she stood for and firmly stood for all that she represented.

Leo on the other hand either gave too little or just enough. His stay in the #bbnaija House has been somewhat philosophical. This lead to him being almost invisible and only ever taking centre stage when talking strategy, business, or when putting off the romance flames from Alex.

Talking about Alex, his last weeks in the #bbnaija House were almost completely centered around her and as were hers. He also let loose and confessed his ‘Like’ for her during last week’s live show, possibly pressured by the fact that she was the first to lay her heart bare.

He has however shown that he places integrity at the forefront of everything and has mastered the art of being calm under immense pressure.

The Lifu pair came unexpectedly but both #bbnaija housates gave their all to make it work. Their collaborative efforts made it possible for them to bag the Pepsi mega price despite all the controversy that surrounded the challenge.

They were also part of Team Blue, the bunch that managed to knit their brains together and come up with a concept that was convincing enough to win them the Heritage Bank Task.

Their graceful display of maturity and strategic intelligence has seen them this far into the competition and they deserve all the accolades they get.



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