#BBNaija 2018 Day 40: Housemates Put Their Heads Together

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The Heritage bank challenge was different from others the #bbnaija housemates have faced, as it required intellectual investment and had the Housemates thinking outside the box. They basically had to stand firmly as consumers, curating ideas based on their own expectations from a financial service provider.

The Treasure Hunt.

For the first day of the Task, the Housemates went on a treasure hunt and were Tasked with finding clues that would eventually lead to them receiving their kit boxes that contained material and attire that would be used for their main Task preparations. The Housemates literally went on a wild goose chase and turned every article in the House upside down. The clues were eventually put together.

The second day of the task was one that was entirely based on strategy. A brief stating the rules of engagement and information on how they were expected to curate their presentations was given. Basically, the #bbnaija Housemates were to build a strategy corner, designated only for Task talk and planning and in addition to that, read up on the Octopus and then develop apps based on the features of the Octopus.

The groups went straight into the planning, with some #bbnaija Housemates automatically assuming leadership and delegating mini tasks amongst the team member. At that point, all was well and things were expected to end well, but did it?

Day 40 marked the third and final day of the Task. The #bbnaija Housemates were given an opportunity to brush up on the Apps and polish their presentations. On Big brother’s cue, Bambam representing Team White took to the podium and was able to make her case with very few errors, while also respecting the constraints of time.

She was followed by a clearly well-rehearsed Tobi who’s entire plot and presentation was convincing and sounded like an app created by Mars inhabitants, on behalf of Team Blue.

Last but not least, with a book in hand, Cee-C took to the stage and laid Team Green’s App on the surface for all to see. Theirs was particularly interesting because there were ‘cheater buster’ features and one that could limit one’s budget when on a date with unwelcomed guests.

The judges, Anto, Lolu and Teddy A had to deliberate and to say the least, it sure wasn’t an easy decision, even as we await their verdict.



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