#BBNaija 2018 Day 40: Housemates Getting Bored With Being Cramped

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The #bbnaija housemates have spent almost six full weeks inside the Big Brother Naija House and it is evident that they are beginning to get bored and feel cramped which has resulted in them plaguing their fellow Housemates.

It is obvious that being in one space for any extended period of time has the potential to get to anyone and the #bbnaija housemates are no different. One of the tell-tale signs of the frustration are extreme lows and monumental highs. This has been evident in the behaviour of the #bbnaija Housemates all through this week and particularly on the night of day 39.

For most of day 39, the mood was low in the #bbnaija House. The Task seemed to get everyone tired and down but then in a flash they were back up to their vibrant selves after dancing and listening to some music.

It was the same after the seriousness of the Task, as the whole #bbnaija house was alive with playful laughter and chatter. This same theme can be seen with the couples in the House who have also been going from one extreme to the next all week.

A part of the Task presentation on the night saw the #bbnaija Housemates all imitating and talking about their mothers but this spilled over into their upbeat scatter through the House after.

All the Housemates were running around the House crazily, screaming “I love you mom” at the top of their lungs. Another indicator of the fact that they are feeling bored and cramped is their longing for their mothers.

Cabin fever behaviour consists of getting irritated and frustrated quickly which we have seen throughout the whole week but last night BamBam practically lay into Lolu.

She confronted him about the fact the he has never cooked in the #bbnaija House. His weak defence was quickly shattered by the fierce Head of House, who told him that the kitchen is open at any time for anyone to cook and he has literally never cooked for the Housemates.

Snapping over the small things left right and center is an indication of boredom and irritation with cramped spaces which is entirely normal. We wait to see how the others cope in the coming days.



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