#BBNaija 2018 Day 40: Female Power Reigns Supreme

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The women in the 2018 #bbnaija house have definitely come a long way as they have grown from strength to strength since their time in the house. They are literally heroes, despite their imperfections, as they have brought unlimited entertainment and fun to our television screens.

Bambam is one of the most peaceful and empathetic housemates in the #bbnaija house. Even when she was asked the motives behind her nomination, she never directly attacks other housemates but she instead focuses on their overall contribution or lack of.

She is a good listener and becoming the first female Head of House has helped in no little way to show her leadership skills and bring out some of the parts we never thought she had.

Anto’s personality is a stern and stable one that is difficult to decipher. She’s been able to keep her emotions in check and has her eye fixed on the price. She is one of the few #bbnaija housemates that has never had a single argument.

She’s loyal to her pack and driven, and that is one of the reasons she has survived this long in the #bbnaija house.

Cee-C isn’t just a pretty face and she has proven it countless times. Her resilience and strong will make her one of the toughest female acts to follow. She draws her strength from past experiences and doesn’t allow anything or anyone close enough to hurt her.

She however keeps things bottled up and this makes her come across as aggressive. Like many of us, she has things bottled up inside, things that make her come across as aggressive.

Nina is an epitome of passion and affection. Instead of being broken down by criticism, she’s used it as a building blocks for a newer and stronger version of herself. Her instant attraction to Miracle isn’t a sign if weakness but that of strength and self-assurance. After all, there are decades where nothing happens and days where decades happen.

Ifu Ennada isn’t afraid to adjust the volume whenever she feels that she isn’t audible. She creates her own rhythm while respecting the difference in those of other. She also has a playful and sexually awake side to her, as no topic is a taboo, neither is any challenge to her.

Authentic and sometimes naïve, Alex dances to the beat of her own drum and is still on her muse finding journey. She confesses to what she doesn’t know and contributes to what she does. Colourful hair and even more colourful personalities, her life is a canvas and she’s the artist. Only those that see life from the same perspective can understand things from her perspective.



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