#BBNaija 2018 Day 39: The Need For Apologies

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Day 39 in the #bbnaija house started with the Housemates presenting their judgements on Global Warming and the team that spoke in favour of the topic ended up winning that round.

The task served as an educational episode for other #bbnaija Housemates who had earlier confessed during their Diary sessions that they had very little knowledge or interest at all in Global Warming.

The day in the #bbnaija also had some form of mild drama as Alex and Cee-C had an altercation earlier in the day. Something that seems to be troubling Cee-C more as she has two strikes already.

Biggie advised her to get the opinions of the other #bbnaija Housemates’ on the issue. It appears both of them proudly protect their ego and have problems with apologising to one another.

It however seems not only Cee- and Alex have issues handling their anger. Miracle also accused Nina of always being angry. In her defence, she says her anger is justified and she made it known to miracle that he finds it difficult to apologise when he’s wrong and that makes her angry.

Anto was at the centre of the conversation betweeen Miracle and Nina, and she acted as the mediator. However, her mediation was more in favour of her strategic partner.

After hearing what the quarrel was about, she quickly jumped into Miracle’s defence by saying Nina shouldn’t always be angry. The two love birds went to sleep together, but Nina couldn’t accept that Miracle will sleep without uttering he words, ’I’m sorry’.

She kept on pestering him in sleep, but he never gave in. Finally, Nina went to sleep without hearing what she wanted to hear.

Miracle’s hard stance doesn’t seem explainable, even though it may just be male ego at play. However, one thing is sure, Nina seems emancipated and is ready to stand her ground on what she believes is right.



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