#BBNaija 2018 Day 38: Housemates Create Their Own Cleaning Materials

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The #bbnaija housemates had very little to do in the house on day 38 and this provided them with a free reign before big brother asked them to create their own cleaning materials. The week’s theme required the #bbnaija housemates to create their own cleaning material, true to the theme of environmental consciousness.

Alex was the apparently vocal one who spent a lot of time complaining about the Task at hand but Teddy A wouldn’t have any of it. He quickly shut her down and made sure that she did her bit in the task.

Miracle and Rico Swavey took centre stage and wore their teacher robes. Miracle’s passion for aviation came into play as he broke it down for those that were willing to listen while Rico Swavey patiently explained the notion of Global warming to Nina, who listened with rapt attention.

There was an interesting and rather humorous game of ‘marry, kiss or kill’ that further revealed just how much the #bbnaija Housemates dislike Cee-C. She however seems to be taking it rather well and allowing everyone believe that she has little or no care as regards what they feel about her behaviour.

She however didn’t retaliate or sulk as she normally would, which only hepled to show that she has grown immensely since her time in the #bbnaija house.

The Task brief was brought in just in time and the #bbnaija Housemates divided themselves accordingly and dissected the global warming theme.

Alex had another one of her outbursts, scolding Leo for having gone to eat and left her behind, knowing fully well that she hadn’t eaten. He however seemed not to be impressed by her ‘childish’ behaviour. Despite the fact that he apologised, he let her know that he wouldn’t be having anymore of it.

The housemates spent the rest of the day reading up and preparing for the Task. Seeing as the 100 percent wager was forced on them by big brother, the #bbnaija Housemates have no choice but to do all they can to bag the Wager win.



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