#BBNaija 2018 Day 38: The Evolution Of Lolu

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From the time Lolu entered the #bbnaija House, he seemed to be a funny, self-effacing, nimble and scrawny character which he has come to seperate himself from because he didn’t pose any threat to the other males or females, Lolu was not the immediate recipient of any special attention in the #bbnaija.

This freed him to study his peers well enough to profile them.

However there was only so far he could go to hide his intelligent and smart nature, because his eloquence and articulated mind proved quite unsettling to the other #bbnaija housemates.

It was during Biggie’s icebreaker Task on what the #bbnaija Housemates liked and disliked about each other that Lolu passed from a relatively neutral personality to an alienating persona. The sharpness of his analysis of his peers chilled everyone to the bone, perhaps except for Anto, whom he was paired with and who shared a similar biting tongue.

With Biggie reshuffling the pairs, Lolu has significantly gained in popularity in the #bbnaija House, especially since he was partnered up with Cee-C. Although the #bbnaija Housemates pity him for being stuck with her, they are equally relieved that he spared them from having to deal with her temper tantrums.

Even Cee-C’s subject of desire, Tobi, who used to spend every breath begging her to calm down happily kept himself out of the picture.

On many aspects, Lolu is some sort of karma to Cee-C. She has been nothing but her big-headed, uncaring self, a thorn in his heel, a bruise in his groin and a constant pain in his neck.

To make matters worse, after receiving two Strikes, Lolu has become more aware of the constant need to manage Cee-C from herself. Against his will, he found himself in the unenviable position of using his brains, as a means of pacifying Cee-C, to safeguard his stay in the #bbnaija house.



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